Natalia Alcosar presents coup in La Casa de los Famosos: she pulls the purple room to the total appointment

Natalia Alcosar presents coup in La Casa de los Famosos: she pulls the purple room to the total appointment

During the week Natalia Alcosar Got a big advantage: deleting the points of one of his comrades. The Vikings are deadly Removed Daniela’s dots, which allowed her to enlarge almost the entire purple room, and they fell for her: Daniela Navarro, Salvador Cerboni, Rafa and Julia. For the rest of the points, she and Juan slipped on the list of nominees. Laura Poso was the only one who did not fall for the appointment from the purple room. It seems that the plan of “Team de Niurga” is to leave her alone and corner her a little bit.

Today is the day of salvation and Louise has decided to save Natalia Alcosar, so she stayed for another week in the mansion of celebrities, and the purple room seems to be getting more and more vulnerable. There is only one sofa in the show hosted by Hector Sandardier, on which all those who have been removed are seated, and all the heads that have been rolled up to date have come from the purple room.

Many say that the inhabitants of the house who identified themselves as Team Laura are being destroyed by the game of Nyurga Marcos and still do not understand why the public is supporting them more and more. Natalia has returned from Zoom three times. Nacho, Oswaldo Rios and Luis are also rescued and given power to the blue room.

However, a small crack seems to have opened up in this successful chamber, as Ivon Montero and Tony Costa decided not to come under the influence of the nymph and wanted the freedom to suggest that they were ready to perish in the attempt. Be free .. but beware, this is something that Nacho Casano has already sniffed and warned his fellow players. Today Luis Mendoza, Juan Vidal and Argentina seem to think that Black should come to the finals along with Nyurka.

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