Climate Dispute: Redesigning Airspace in the Valley of Mexico

Climate Dispute: Redesigning Airspace in the Valley of Mexico

Mexico City (apro). Two words remained in my head for several days, strength and duty. I think of them and usually compare them not only to appreciate their differences, but above all to understand their connections. Since I am professionally dedicated to defending human rights issues, when I examine a case from the perspective of duty, my mandatory reference is our Constitution, and I usually compare what the authorities believe they can do and what they should do.

If I conclude that the conduct of any authority does not comply with the mandates of the Constitution, I suppose a public interest lawsuit can be initiated to rectify the situation. Perhaps this way of dealing with the problem explains the level of demand on the courts. I do not file with pleas, or facts, instead, with a lawsuit, and I firmly believe that it is your job to ensure that any of the human rights implied by my trial are respected.

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