Coldplay travels to space and dances with extraterrestrials in ‘A Higher Power’ video

Coldplay travels to space and dances with extraterrestrials in ‘A Higher Power’ video

the band Coldplay has been busy for the past few days. The group is led by Chris Martin She developed new music, took part in an extraordinary global marketing campaign and participated in one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Today the group conveys the good news to its fans. This is after today’s band His latest music video will be shown. It’s about the path supreme authority, the latest song from the British band.

In the video we can see how Chris Martin wanders the inhospitable in a strange place. As we move on to the clip, we realize that it’s about Kaotica, a mysterious alien planet.

Despite all the adversity, the captain of the Coldplay team managed to communicate with the aliens. All this while planning the performance of complex ballroom dances.

The video’s director, director Dave Myers commented on this “The video is a metaphor for how we now feel alienated and alienated from our world, almost living on an alien planet.”

“We have finally found love in the streets and this ecstasy is pushing us out of the stratosphere. And it’s all driven by our higher energy and power,” Myers added.

supreme authority, the latest song from Coldplay

the song Produced by Max Martin, One of the most successful pop music composers and producers on the planet. The band even describes it as The true wonders of the universe.

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The Brits had already made progress in their social networks that this works Came by for a small keyboard and bathroom sink to ‘early 2020’.

Others, as shown before the sunThe band was recording new material during the epidemic and They are preparing what will be their ninth album.

A source close to the group confirmed to the newspaper that Coldplay had been baptized in the name of “Music of the Fields” for this new job. However, no further details are known yet.

Check out the clip below:

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