Cole sailed behind four Yankees HRs

Cole sailed behind four Yankees HRs

MINNEAPOLIS – Gerrit Cole refocused with six good innings of action and Giancarlo Stanton hit two of four runs at the New York Yankees to defeat the Minnesota Twins 9-6 on Wednesday night.

Cole (7-3) won for the first time in three matches, allowing the singles hovering by Jorge Polanco and Miguel Sano, within five strokes and without a walk. Polanco hit a two-stroke in the ninth of four rounds for the Twins.

Cole reserved two of his nine-strokes for Josh Donaldson, who recently wondered if the right-handed and others had used adhesives on their fingers to improve their grip on the ball that changed the competition.

Aaron Judge and Miguel Andegar also gave up twins star Randy Dubnak (1-6), who beat the worst allowed runs (eight), home runs (four), and walks (three) in 4 2/3 runs.

For the Yankees, Miguel Andegar is 4-2 with two productions and one record. Colombian Gio Orchila 3-2 in one game. Venezuelan Jaliber Torres scored 3-0 in two rounds. Aroma Rougned 4-1.

For the Twins, Dominican Jorge Polanco 5-2 with three RBIs and two runs; Nelson Cruz 4-1; Miguel Sano 4-3 with two RBIs and two runs; Gilberto Celestino 4-1 game record.

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