Collegiate Church presents its facade as an advertising space

Collegiate Church presents its facade as an advertising space
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The collegiate church will seek funding for restoration work by posting advertisements on its façade and scaffolding. The proposal has already been submitted to the Generalitat Valenciana Directorate General of Heritage.

The Insigne Colegiata de Gandia founded She has begun working to find private funding to help pay for the restoration work.

The diocese has already contacted more than 50 companies offering them advertisements on scaffolding and facades. They assure from the Foundation that the project will not affect the environment or the building: “The recommendation to obtain special funding and insert a light to start repairing the building as soon as possible has been fulfilled, which despite the restorations that have been made, has serious defects and profound shortcomings after the massive economic investment in the intervention. the last one “.

In order to start implementing this project, the only thing missing is the permission of the General Directorate of Heritage of the Generalitat Valenciana, who expressed to Seo Gandiense the will that she will solve the report as soon as possible, without specifying a specific date: “Every month that passes will be a month of losses so that we can From obtaining part of the necessary funding, with great precision in the face of the serious problems that have been uncovered in the building, which the General Directorate of Heritage is aware of this.

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