Control of time and space

Control of time and space

He had better matches than yesterday. a lot of. Being who he is, a lot. But Moañés managed to emerge at the right moment and score the first goal as the team wandered uninspired with a tendency to flee towards the Pamplon territory.
That Iago Aspas tags aren’t news, but they matter. The career of the Heavenly Youth team stretches like chewing gum, because what this season did not offer in the physical sphere – those amazing races that lead the ball – contributed to the smarts of football. Every time he knows better what he has to do in every moment and in every place. For example, yesterday, when he saw his team quickly exit center after a throw-in from Osasuna, he ran vertically to give Mina the choice of pass when he had time to contemplate the pass. And when he got the ball, he knew he had to play it one-on-one. He did it meticulously, and almost effortlessly, with a bike to his theoretical, right-sided bad leg, which he pinpointed precisely.
Some will argue that the fact that he committed a penalty in the second half should separate him from the show. Maybe that is how it is, but this player will hardly miss the match played yesterday afternoon in Pallidos with a goal from Iago Aspas.

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