Controversy over Doña Rosa’s statements about Lupillo .’s wife

Controversy over Doña Rosa’s statements about Lupillo .’s wife

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Gisele Soto and Lobello Rivera.

Who would say that with just one picture? Madam Rosa, Jenny Rivera’s mother, would raise a flurry of negative comments towards her person. The Queen of Rivera couldn’t find anything better than posting on her account Instagram A picture of her smiling so much with her young daughter-in-law Lobelo RiveraGiselle Soto. His followers soon made stinging comments, some even calling Dona Rosa a “viborilla”.

“Hey, if we have pictures together, me and my daughter-in-law Gisele Rivera, and yes, I love it,” was the innocent comment posted by Lubio Rivera’s mother alongside Photo Where he is seen happily living next to the beautiful beautician. She even called her new daughter-in-law by her married name, referring to her as Giselle Rivera and not Giselle Soto.

But netizens were ruthless and spoke badly Madam Rosa. “He does not love the son and he will love the daughter-in-law. Now, sit down madam,” “What happens is you already feel the rejection of people for their contempt for your grandchildren and for Lubelo, and that does not suit you. That is why he suddenly took this picture, just as he took a picture of Chiquis a few days ago saying that the Chiquis She is his beautiful granddaughter “,” That’s so true! He even forgets the date of his son’s birthday, as he says it all. Now she wants to pretend she loves her daughter-in-law when she never mentions them ‘and some of the sour comments she received were that Rosa doesn’t love anyone, It’s lively.”

In the comments, the name of Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife appeared, Miley AlonsoThe singer, who gave birth to two children and divorced after 13 years of union.

“But Miley, the mother of her grandchildren and who was her daughter-in-law for many years, they never loved her!” , ‘Giselle, don’t get too close to her, because she’ll talk about you tomorrow,’ and ‘Giselle Rivera be careful with that lady, she’s gorgeous. He didn’t care about Lupillo’s happiness when he was married to Mayeli Rivera, because he never loved his daughter-in-law. So it could happen. With you. Good, healthy advice to stay away from. It’s dangerous, Miley wasn’t a bad person with them. That’s the best reason.”

Of course, there were also those who defended the gesture of Dona Rosa to show a good relationship with her daughter-in-law. “senora_rosa does not listen to people. You are free to love whomever you choose ”, and “Congratulations! That girl shows that she loves her son very much and is very beautiful and modest. How beautiful they are,” they wrote to him.

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