Why Trump is filing so many bad cases in war states

Why Trump is filing so many bad cases in war states

“Because the Trump campaign has come forward with its legal arguments, they have not really created any facts or legal theory stronger than they started,” said election lawyer and CNN analyst Rick Hassan.

Election experts say President Donald Trump’s campaign strategy appears to cast enough doubt on the number of votes, so it can find judges to prevent states from certifying what its voters have chosen, including longtime Republican lawyer-turned-CNN analyst Ben Kinsberg. The Electoral College did not formally elect the president until December 14, with a key deadline of December 8.

If it works, in theory, it could pave the way for state legislatures – particularly Republicans in power in Michigan and Pennsylvania – to argue that they should choose their choice for their electoral college slate and hand over the victory against Trump to Pyton’s victory in more than one state. But it could not have come close to delivering an electoral victory for Trump without a lot of help.

“I suspect it’s the pipe dream of the Trump campaign to force all of these issues that have never been prosecuted in the Supreme Court before,” Ginsberg said.

Liberal and conservative legal experts say the theoretical approach that Trump appears to be trying is not very feasible. Carl Rowe, a longtime GOP strategist, also wrote The Wall Street Journal Pitton’s victory on Wednesday night will not be underestimated.

“To win, Mr. Trump will have to prove legitimate fraud with tens of thousands of illegal votes. There is no evidence yet. If some do not come out quickly, the chances of the president in court will quickly decline as states begin to certify the results,” Roe, who has long been considered the mastermind of political maneuvering during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

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Keystone State has seen the Trump campaign’s overwhelming efforts to disrupt Biden’s apparent victory in court, and now has the courageous case of trying to prevent state leaders from certifying the results of the vote.

However, top Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature have said state presidential election voters will follow the results of the referendum.

Biden leads Pennsylvania by 50,000 votes, with CNN predicting he will win the state.

Trump officials call Democrats & # 39;  Sore losers & # 39;  For not accepting the election results

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday with little evidence of the election in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit alleges that voters faced constitutional rights violations because districts took different approaches to processing non-voting votes, and sometimes observers could not see the voting process in its entirety – the same kind of arguments faced by skeptical judges in other courts.

The Trump campaign asked Matthew Bran, a federal judge in Pennsylvania’s Central District, to suspend certification of election results. Bran will testify and testify next Tuesday and Thursday to testify.

Other direct Trump campaign or Republican lawsuits in the state involving the disappearance of privacy envelopes, the absence of an address on the outer envelope, or the correction of a temporary ballot, or the handling of ballots that are not defective or received with other special circumstances. Election Day. While all of the cases – including the protracted challenge in the U.S. Supreme Court regarding late ballots – have been successful, the number of affected votes remains in the thousands. This is not enough to override Biden’s presence over Trump.

Biden prevents access to messages from foreign leaders

The Democrats ‘appeal is another case that has persisted in the state since the Trump campaign’s election observers’ ability to stand somewhat closer to the voting processors in Philadelphia, which the Trump campaign has used to further heighten its public relations efforts to cast doubt on the election process.


Two court cases from the Trump campaign – in the Michigan state and federal courts – seek to prevent or prevent Wayne County from certifying the vote, which includes the state and largely Democratic Detroit. Officials in Michigan say the election was conducted properly.

In a federal court case filed Wednesday, the Trump campaign is basically asking the court to force a non-existent voter count in Michigan and prevent it from certifying its election results.

CNN predicts Pita is the state winner by almost 3% over Trump, with a presence of nearly 150,000 votes.

Want 1 Million 1 Million?  Find some & # 39;  Voter fraud & # 39;

A judge in Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed the statewide lawsuit within two days of the lawsuit, calling for “evidence” that the Trump campaign was counting on hearing the missing votes.

At a state court hearing Wednesday, two private plaintiffs sought to further censor an attempt similar to the Trump campaign and withhold certification of the conclusion.

David Fink, a lawyer representing Detroit, explained to the judge at the hearing that preventing Michigan from finalizing the ballot would drive the state out of the Electoral College, kicking the U.S. House of Representatives president-elect, or allowing Republicans to seat their own voters.

Judge Timothy Kenny said he would release his opinion Friday.

David Fink, a lawyer representing Detroit, explained at the hearing that preventing Michigan from finalizing the vote would knock the state out of the Electoral College, kick the president out of the U.S. House of Representatives, or allow a Republican-controlled state. The legislature is trying to seat its own electorate.


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit on Saturday demanding that all ballots cast directly on election day be blocked from canvas or certified, which is in Marigopa County, the most populous district in the state of the war, and includes Phoenix until they are reviewed.

In Biden State, Trump leads by more than 12,000 votes. CNN did not expect a winner in the state. But the Trump campaign accuses President Trump and other Republican candidates of “getting thousands of extra votes in the November 3, 2020 general election,” considering nearly 166,000 votes in person on election day.

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In this case, the campaign argued that some voters’ votes were rejected by table machines due to defects such as incorrect marks or ink stains from Sharpie pens. The campaign is trying to build their case using statements from two voters who have no evidence that their votes were not counted.

A Marigopa County election official told the court that only 180 actors were reviewed on election day and that there was no formal issue with the election.

The Trump campaign sought to delay the court hearing and Trump attorney sought to seal the identities of the individuals he wanted to call to testify at Thursday’s hearing.

Prosecutors in Marigopa County objected.

“The public has a right to know how little the plaintiffs’ evidence actually is,” they wrote.

Earlier the Trump campaign took part in the Arizona case brought by a dozen voters, accusing Sharpies of causing ballot problems. They eventually dropped the case.


Georgia does not have a protracted case, but a Hand review going on, The government announced on Wednesday morning. Biden leads the state with about 14,000 votes or .3%. CNN did not invite the state to any candidate.
The Secretary of State says the Georgian presidential race will be fully run

On review, the difference of more than 1,000 votes is a huge and apparently irreparable gap to overcome Trump. Reviewing since 2000, the average change in the number of votes has been a few hundred, according to Forward Research, an impartial group.

“A step towards the ultimate goal of re-election of the president,” campaign legal adviser Stephen Pasandino said Wednesday.

CNN’s Jessica Schneider, Annie Greer, Michael Warren and Pamela Brown contributed to the report.

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