Counting elephants from space, the new way to ensure their preservation

Counting elephants from space, the new way to ensure their preservation

The pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of China can be seen from space and now, elephants can be seen too

Conservation efforts made to Track and preserve African elephants Reach dimensions, literally, Be. Recently, in order to find out exactly how many samples were released, an international team of scientists set off A satellite is launched at a distance of 600 km from the Earth’s surface. The results are great.

Space sights

An adult elephant in Tanzania. Photography: Paulina Santiago

It turns out, from space, that it is easiest to efficiently calculate the number of elephants remaining in Africa. Not only that: plus uMore refined figureThe scientists conducting the study realized it was It is possible to find out about their living conditions and usual behaviors.

From a more extreme standpoint, advances in cataloging and recording live specimens in the wild have been impressive. Just not allowed Learn about the routes these African giants travel on On a normal day, but it covers an area Approximately 5,000 square kilometers.

On a cloudless day, this coverage gives access to a lot of information that was previously nearly impossible to get. from Machine learning, The counting process was not only facilitated, Rather, the algorithm allows Learn about animals in a variety of contexts.

What do you see in an open savanna?

Space elephants
Foto: Getty Images

The study focused on first looking at Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa. Conservationists and biologists alike have united to make this project a reality, since this is a protected natural area High density of elephants. It belongs to a large-scale ecosystem and open savannah, and it is Place Perfect for starting your search.

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Although the test is still in its conceptual stage, scientists say:Ready to goIn response to the progress made, several international conservation organizations are looking into the possibility Ballot replacement Of making airplanes ever since It is more expensive and less effective.

The arrangement will be that Interested enterprises can pay for access to satellites Commercial as wellCoverages that they do. With the images obtained, it will be easy to identify them Where are the elephants from spaceIt will be possible to closely monitor the population that has been threatened by poaching.

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