UAEMex invites a science and technology symposium to promote research in the university community

UAEMex invites a science and technology symposium to promote research in the university community

Autonomous State University of Mexico, through the University of Valle de Mexico Center, Calls for the 11th Science and Technology Research Symposium, with the aim of promoting the development of scientific proposals among the student community, while generating new knowledge, So he made it known through a statement.

Through this academic exercise, it is required that enterprises promote technological development, improve production processes and offer alternatives to economic policy, among other measures, that improve the quality of life of the population.

The symposium arose with the aim of providing an interdisciplinary space of expression for students of CU UAEM Valle de México, who carry out research activities as part of their academic training and who wish to publish results or advance their work.

With the deadline for submission of proposals on May 5, Educators, researchers, sixth-semester students, trainees in the degree process, and alumni can participate in the seminar Those who have recently obtained their academic degree in some form of clerical work.

The subject areas planned for the symposium are: representation, management, accounting, law, economics, management informatics, computer engineering, industrial engineering, systems engineering and communications, and international economic relations.

The 11th Science and Technology Research Symposium will be held on May 26-27 in default mode. Those interested can review the contact rules and register their work at: in addition to a contact email. [email protected]

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