Courageous Final Days for David Bowie and the post-grave “mark” for his grieving wife, Iman

Courageous Final Days for David Bowie and the post-grave “mark” for his grieving wife, Iman

Today will be David Bowie His 74th birthday – but instead, Sunday marks five years since the icon’s tragic death.

His death on January 10, 2016 was a complete shock to everyone except for his closest friends, with the superstar being there The diagnosis of liver cancer was kept a secret.

The disease was first discovered in 2014, and when David came to record his latest album, Blackstar, without hair or eyebrows due to chemotherapy, everyone who worked with him swore to confidentiality.

In his darkest moments, he turned to one of his closest aides, Tony Visconti.

Tony said, “Sometimes he would call me when he had just finished treatment.” Rolling rock In 2016. “He couldn’t speak out loud. He was really messy, and I was saying, ‘Don’t worry about that. Will live. ”

David Bowie smiles at one of the last pictures taken before his death

And by mid-2015, David was already in remission. “He was optimistic because he was doing chemotherapy and was working,” said Tony. I was overjoyed. He was a little anxious. He said: Well, don’t party too fast. Right now, I’m in remission, and we’ll see how it goes. And he continued on chemotherapy. So I thought he would do it. “

Sadly, the cancer came back in November, and this time it was over, after it had spread around David’s body.

Despite his condition, just a month before his death, the star bravely appeared on the opening night of his off-Broadway show, Lazarus. And the But he collapsed behind the scenes.

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David Bowie was a true music icon and continued creativity until his death
David Bowie was a true music icon and continued creativity until his death

Determined to keep getting creative, David recorded demos for five new songs from his sick bed. Just a week before his death, Tony directed FaceTimed and said he wanted to make another album.

Tony added, “I was thrilled and I thought, and he must have thought, he had a few months at least. So the end should be very fast. I’m not really familiar with that. I don’t know exactly, but he must have got sick very quickly after that.” The phone call “.

His beloved wife Iman, The pain of losing her was unimaginable.

David and Iman were totally loyal to each other
David and Iman were totally loyal to each other

Since meeting in 1990 and getting married in 1992, the couple has been inseparable. For both, there can’t be anyone else.

Only this month, Iman said Harper’s Bazaar : “David is in our hearts and minds on a daily basis, for all of us. You know, this was my true love. My daughter once asked me if I was going to marry again and I said, ‘Never.’

“He’s in hiding in plain sight. His fans are still around, and his music is still relevant.”

For supermodel Iman, who now lives in the countryside north of his former New York home, the hardest time is the anniversary of his death.

Last year she went to find solace in the woods of San Francisco, where while walking she found a sign she thought was her husband.

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“On the day of his death, I went for a walk and a bluebird flew in front of me. The bluebird, above everything!” She said, pointing to the lyrics of his last single, Lazarus, which said, “You know, I’ll be free / just like this blue bird.”

When asked if she had ever felt his presence, she replied, “Sure. I asked the tour guide, and he said, ‘Oh, it’s very rare here, blue birds. “Now, instead of being remembered as sad, it’s more than a joyful day.”

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