Crisis – Abenader calls for an international plan to help Haiti

Crisis – Abenader calls for an international plan to help Haiti

President Louis Abenader called on the international community to draw up a plan for Haiti and to be more active in the investigations into the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, which occurred last Wednesday.

“The international community should have a more active stance than it is now; they should make a plan for this situation for the benefit of the Haitians,” the president said, referring to the assassination.

These statements came during a visit to the Sixth Hunter’s Battalion in the fortress of the municipality of Constanza, in the province of La Vega. Over the weekend, the President was carrying out various scheduled activities in the municipalities of Constanza and Jarabacoa.

asking for help
In addition, he said, the Haitian authorities did not request the Dominican Republic’s help in cooperating with the investigations, but reiterated his support through mediation without directly participating in the investigations.

Our position was very clear. At one point the opposition asked us to mediate and we told them we will facilitate the place and we will help but our country cannot directly enter into the investigation for obvious reasons,” the president said during a park opening ceremony.

Gate building
In about three months, the president hopes to begin building the fence around the Dominican-Haitian border that divides the two countries.

He pointed out that the work is in the process of submitting bids and is scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks after exhausting the steps required by the procurement and contracting law.

border security
He stressed that the border was “totally protected and at peace” despite the tense situation in Haiti. “The Dominicans should not feel any fear or anxiety,” the president added.

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Abinader congratulated the elements of the army for the work they are doing on the border to protect the Dominican lands, after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moss.

“I know the work they are doing at the moment to protect the borders in the face of the situations that are taking place in the neighboring country,” he said.

Regarding the Colombians who allegedly committed the assassination and who were roaming the country, the head of state said that he had no information about them.

President Abenader noted that the country has an agreement with Colombia to avoid having to request a visa to visit both countries.

The president’s first activity was the opening of La Confluencia Park in Jarabacoa with Tourism Minister David Collado.

In an attraction called “La Confluencia”, the Jimenoa and Yaque del Norte rivers converge and join after traveling solo between the city’s mountains, joining their flows into one stream.

There Abenader announced that the construction of the Guaguí Highway would be included in the 2022 budget, so that visitors could have greater access to the municipality.

He indicated that they are making preparations for the improvement of the Jarabacoa Center jointly with the Implementing Unit for the Rehabilitation of Neighborhoods and Environments (URBE).

Business closing
The President indicated that one of the priorities of his government is to finish the unfinished business of the previous administration.

“It was a principle of the government to monitor the businesses under construction, and that was one of them (La Confluencia); that is the continuity of the government,” Abenader said.

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“Bad weather forced the President of the Republic, Luis Abenader, to return by land today, Sunday, after the end of his schedule in the municipality of Constanza,” the presidency said in a note.

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