CSIF monitors that SAS mental health promotion teams include social workers – Local News

CSIF monitors that SAS mental health promotion teams include social workers – Local News

CSIF Announced that she will stayVigilance“So that the mental health promotion teams that the Andalusian Health Service is planning to launch (SasThe integration of full-time social workers “does not mean weakening or increasing the burden on the devices in this field of health, which are already suffering from a lack of funding.”

According to a CSIF press release, this was mentioned in this week’s SAS Sector Table, in which it noted that the framework document published by SAS in 2010 explicitly refers to professionals in Health social work As members of Intensive Community Therapy Teams (ETIC), the name given to the mental health promotion teams mentioned above that will operate primarily at the elementary level.

Specifically, these teams will, among other interventions, implement care and procedures in the home environment for mental health patients, who have a high dropout rate for counseling. In order to achieve high-quality community care for patients with severe mental disorders, it is imperative that the health social work personality intervenes as a professional resource for each health center in community tasks and interventions.

CSIF Sanidad Córdoba explains this Social workers Health workers based in SAS in the province – 49 currently according to official data from the Andalusian Health Service – are already sharing their functions in community mental health teams, mental health devices and units in hospitals, and even clinical management units (health centers). “This circumstance greatly limits their possibilities to intervene, so SAS now intends to also share their functions in ETIC,” the central federation denounced.

According to the union, “the Comprehensive care And quality is not guaranteed to create new teams only with psychiatrists, Psychologists And nurses without count, full-time, with the number of a health worker or social worker, because these individuals are the only ones trained in developing social diagnoses and those who carry out their activity in the patients’ own environment, with their networks and networks of social and community resources.

For all of these reasons, CSIF requires the full-time presence of a professional Health social work In all areas of planning, employment, means, training and resources for these centers, without diminishing their presence in the rest of the current mental health devices, units and equipment. He concludes that “from the CSIF we support the strengthening of interest in mental health in SAS, but not at the expense of weakening or increasing the burden on resources that are already in operation”.

Precisamente en el día de ayer representantes de CSIF Córdoba mantuvieron una reunión con los responsables del Colegio Oficial de Trabajadores Sociales para, entre otras cuestiones, conocer las coin defense reivindicaciones de estos central profesionales, muchas de las cendi cuale Time ago.

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