Olympia beats Diriangén and meets Motagua in the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League. So I lived minute by minute

Olympia beats Diriangén and meets Motagua in the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League.  So I lived minute by minute


90 + 4 minutes: End of the match at the Morazán stadium, Olympia beat Diriangen 3-1 (7-1 on aggregate) and qualified for the semi-finals of the Concacaf League where they will play against Motagua. Bengtsson, Bingucci and Cherinos scored the goals for the Whites.

90 + 4 minutes: GOOOOOOOOOOOL for Olimpia, Chirinos makes it 3-1 with a penalty.

90 + 3 minutes: Penalty kick for Olympia. Jorge Alvarez received a foul inside the area.

90th minute: Three more have been added in Morazán.

85 . min: A complete madness in Morazan with the return of Olympia.

81st minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOL for Olimpia, Benguché scored a header to make it 2-1 against Diriangén after a superb display from Josman Figueroa.

79th minute: A left-footed shot from long distances by Gabriel Araujo passes just past Miguel Rodriguez.

76th minute: Josman Figueroa enters for José Pinto at Olympia.

75th minute: Olympia 1-1 Deriangen.

minute 69: Another shot from Artega passed close to Menjivar’s goal.

66th minute: Two changes at Olympia. Bengocchi by Bingson and Jorge Alvarez by Bonique Garcia.

62nd minute: Menjevar saved superbly after a forehand shot hit the white defense. Olympia saved.

61st minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOL for Olimpia, Jerry Bengtson made the score 1-1 against Diriangén, centered by Moya and the Albus captain finished off with a header.

Min: 58: Baton Mejia’s three-fingered shot went past Deriangen’s goal.

56th minute: Pinto invents a balloon towards Bengson, which he cannot spot before the goalkeeper’s departure. It was to mark the tie.

52nd minute: Pedro Troglio’s team is still on the scoreboard.

46th minute: Start the supplemental part in Morazán. Olympia will seek to change the outcome.

Minute 45 + 2: At the end of the first half, Olympia loses 1-0 to Deriangen. 4-1 is the overall score.

45th minute: Added another two minutes at Morazán Stadium.

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45th minute: In the center from the left, Bengtsson retreats and Chirinos tries to spot him, but Kasik’s defense is vigilant.

minute 44: Olympia can’t find a way to get into Diriangen’s goal with danger.

37th minute: Free kick from Araújo goalkeeper Diriangén flies to avoid the equalizer by Olimpia.

36th minute: Olympia tries to respond and the fans push the team in search of a draw.

minute 31: Deriangen’s goal, Lionel Torres makes it 1-0 against Olympia. He entered a low, strong midfield from Francisco Flores and “10” from the near post to push the ball.

Minute 27: The first yellow card of the match is for Jason Coronel (Deriangen). A difficult confrontation against Sherinos in the midfield.

minute 22: Olympia 0-0 Deriangen.

18th minute: Free kick from Boniek and José Pinto connects with a header, but too wide.

14th minute: Long-range shot from Chirinos that goes to one side of Miguel Rodriguez’s goal.

13th minute: Luis Coronel’s shot and Menjevar’s shot. Another access for visitors.

11th minute: UUUUFFF … a corner kick from Olimpia as André Orellana hit a header, but he didn’t give her the right direction. Ball rose.

Minute 10: Robinson da Silva’s right footed shot passes over Menjevar’s goal.

7th minute: A free kick by Gabriel Araújo hits the barrier.

minute 5: Left footed shot by Lionel Torres saves Minjivar. Another danger arrives from Diriangen.

minute 3: Arrival at Olympia for the first time. Punic Garcia shoots with his left foot.

minute 1: The visit starts off well. The shot blocked by André Orellana and albums are saved.

minute 1: The match starts at Morazán Stadium. Olympia goes for a ticket to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League against Deriangen.

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9:25 PM: Olympia and Deriangen from Nicaragua are already on the field.

9:09 PM: It has been confirmed that the match will now start at 8:25 pm at Morazán Stadium.

8:08 PM: The match will be delayed due to an electrical storm around Morazán Stadium.

8:05 PM: Everything is ready at Morazán Stadium. Soon the teams will jump into the field. Tremendous atmosphere in Morazán.

7:47 PM: Less and less left to start the game, scheduled for 8:15 PM.

7:37 PM: It must be remembered that Diriangen needs at least 4-0 to send the match to a penalty shootout. The winner of this series goes to Motagua in the semifinals.

7:30 PM: We review 11 of the Nicaraguan team: Miguel Rodriguez, Francisco Flores, Mario Davila, Eric Tellez, Luis Coronel, Lionel Torres, Guarache, Jason Coronel, Artega, da Silva and Cobeti.

7:29 PM: Nice atmosphere at Morazán Stadium in San Pedro Sula. Olympia fans keep coming.

7:15 PM: These are the 11 led by Pedro Truglio: Edric Menjivar; Maylor Nunez, Andre Orellana, Juan Pablo Montes, Gabriel Araujo, Germain Mejia, Punic Garcia, Michael Chirinos, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Moya and Jerry Bengtson.

7:13 PM: He confirmed the alliances of Olympia and Deryangen in Morazán.

7:11 PM: The lineups for the two teams at Morazán Stadium in San Pedro Sula will be confirmed soon.

7:10 PM: Ultra Faithful of Olimpia puts color in the preview of the match between Olimpia and Diriangén.

7:00 pm: Welcome to the minute by minute of the match between Olympia and Deriangen in the second leg of the CONCACAF League quarter-finals. 4-0 was the score in the first leg.

————————————————– ——————————–

In the framework of our country’s Independence Day, Olympia Deportivo are seeking to finalize the ticket that will put them in the semi-finals where I already await their eternal arch rival: FC Motagua.

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After 0-4 in the first leg on Nicaraguan soil, the Lions practically qualify for the next stage of the international competition.

Only a catastrophe of high proportions will eliminate Olympia, who is already rubbing her hands to face Motagua, as happened in 2020.

Tonight’s game is scheduled to begin at 8:15 p.m. Before the said match, Real Spain will visit Herediano in the most attractive match in the best quarter-finals.

Without Edwin Rodriguez

It should be noted that the team led by Pedro Truglio will no longer be able to count on creative midfielder Edwin Rodriguez. The “magician” signed with the Greek club Ares, in which he was presented yesterday as a new signature.

Jan Maciel

Similarly, Troglio announced 11 matches in which he will face Olympia Deriangen, however, despite the recovery of Brazilian Yann Maciel, the call was not considered.

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On the other hand, Kacek Deriangen headed to Tegucigalpa from Tuesday to face this game which is, in theory, a “action”.

data sheet

Time: 8:15 p.m. – Francisco Morazan Stadium in San Pedro Sula.

The second leg – CONCACAF League.

Broadcasting: ESPN3/Star+.

Possible lineups:

Olympia: Edric Menjivar, Maylor Nunez, André Orellana, Juan Pablo Montes, Gabriel Araujo, Germain Mejia, Punic Garcia, Michael Chirinos, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Moya and Jerry Bengtson.

Deringen: Giusto Llorente, Francisco Flores, Eric Telles, Luis Copete, John Mosquera, Jason Coronel, Junior Arteaga, Ramiro Peters, Robinson da Silva, Tovich Guarache and Luis Coronel.

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