” Cundinamarca launched a space with products of peasants and artisans in an exclusive area of ​​Bogotá

” Cundinamarca launched a space with products of peasants and artisans in an exclusive area of ​​Bogotá
Cuna Mia is a space dedicated to glorifying the products of farmers and artisans in Cundinamarca

On Friday, the Cundinamarca government inaugurated “Cuna Mia”, the first space in Bogota dedicated to promoting products made by farmers and artisans in the department that will receive a fair economic wage and without intermediaries.

This initiative from the Cundinamarca Marketing and Innovation Agency is considering purchasing the products grown and produced by the department’s small producers by the department’s management to promote them at this show located in the north of the capital.

“As Governor of Cundinamarca, I am honored to present to you ‘Kuna Mya’, a space created to bring the best of our products to Bogotá. It was a great teamwork that would be reflected in a show of producers and artisans who would be paid a fair wage for their work.‘, reassured the head of the department, Nicholas Garcia.

In this space located in Calle 83 #13-66, in the heart of the Zona Te district, the best artisanal, agricultural and cultural products of the region, harvested and produced by 450 farmers and 100 craftsmen They will get their labor resources directly and recognition for their work.

Kuna Mya has six business lines including: Gastronomy with innovative dishes based on traditional recipes; Forever. handicraft pastry bakery; a bar with cocktails of brandy and rum from the Cundinamarca liquor company (ELC); A tourist information point.

“Most of us from Cundinamarca are proud descendants of agriculture, we come from peasant families with enormous cultural wealth. That is why we opened the doors of Kona Mia with the aim of marketing the high quality products grown and manufactured by our farmers, and giving them fair and direct payments. This is the best way to learn about the great contribution they make to our economyThe district governor said.

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In turn, this space will contain a restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of the region such as Ermoul Kadir and Fritanga where natural products grown and produced in the region will be used, at the same time it will have an important offer of drinks, among which are natural juices and juices.

Likewise, Kona Mia will have a space to promote jewellery, handicrafts, fashion clothing and home décor accessories made by artisans in the region who preserve the ancestral knowledge and cultural traditions of indigenous peoples.

Go to Cuna Mia to enjoy the gastronomy, beverages, handicrafts and tourism of Cundinamarca in the heart of Bogota’s pink district To know, evaluate and buy the right from our farmers, chefs, craftsmen and tourist entrepreneurs”, he pointed to the mayor of the capital, Claudia Lopez.

This initiative seeks to contribute to the economic revitalization and promotion of the department of Cundinamarca through gastronomic offerings and culture through the work of farmers and artisans who preserve the traditional knowledge of this region in central Colombia.

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