Dancing that life is a nap

Dancing that life is a nap

Quims was the hero. Thus, without spaces and everything in the same tone, the Santiago Foundation players celebrated their second title in four months after beating Champions of America By the end of October. Now it’s turn Super 20 Final 4, Which was fully played in El Templo del Rock de Obras.

In the final, those led by Sebastian Gonzalez suffered. And much much more. Because in the first three quarters, the two were not connected. The folks from Corrientes were to blame, and 10 minutes after the end the glass was almost in their pockets. They entered the fourth quarter with a 58-46 advantage, but those 12 points disappeared from the poor potency. The eight points in the quarter-finals were the worst mark in his last 21 matches.

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It is the second trophy of santiagueños in four months.

It is the second trophy of santiagueños in four months.

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Sports agenda on Sunday

With Santo drying out, Quimsa scored eight straight goals initially to narrow the gap, but only with the 1m12s remaining, progressing. From that moment on he did not get any more points and the cup went again, as in 2018, to Santiago del Estero. He also got a ticket to the South American League.

Ambitious, Fusion will go to the trilogy: he will seek his dedication in the national league, which for the time being makes him the undisputed leader with 25 wins and 5 defeats.

With orange, Quimsa goes from nap to party.

The result of combining subtraction and antithesis

San Martin de Corrientes (66): Jonathan Machuca 4, Thomas Zanzotera 12, Emiliano Passap 6, Javier Saez 15 and Sebastian Acevedo 9 (FI); Gaston Garcia 0, Franco Mendes 6, Matthias Solanas 8, Rolando Vallejos 6 and Maximiliano Andriata 0. DT: Diego Fadel.

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Kimsa (72): Nicholas Copello 3, Brandon Robinson 10, Mauro Cosoletto 15, Alejandro Dies 8 and Damon Simpson 6 (FI); Trevor Jaskins 3, Evan Gramago 9, Franco Paral 13, Ismail Romero 0 and Brian Caraballi 5. DT: Sebastian Gonzalez.

partial: 16-13, 23-18 (39-31), 19-15 (58-46) and 8-26 (66-72).

References: Fabricio Vito, Oscar Pritez and Leonardo Zalazar Stadium: El Tempelo del Roc (CABA)

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