Third, the task of public space managers restored

Third, the task of public space managers restored

The third race now has mourners, and by agreement they hope to regain it from the invasion in which it is found.

A group of citizen managers will be appointed by the Ibagué Mayor’s office so that through the agreement they can reclaim the public space in Carrera Terceira, where unofficial sales currently have taken over a large portion of the pedestrian area.

And that is that the third problem is not new. The complaints of official traders are frequent, especially in seasons such as mid-year and December, when the rivers of informal sellers show an evident face, i.e. unemployment. And despair.

According to Carlos Portela, Minister of Government, the job of public space managers will be precisely to arrange with the vendors for their exit from the third, and for this task they will be escorted by the metropolitan police, hoping that they can preserve the goods.

Portela pointed out that since last week, the municipality administration, in cooperation with other government organizations, launched the Social Laboratory for Productive Inclusion, where they hope to benefit about 4,000 people.

La Tercera is the beautiful street that shows us the reality of unemployment, informal employment and social impotence.

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