Danny Fernandez asks for forgiveness, place and time: “I must satisfy myself”

Danny Fernandez asks for forgiveness, place and time: “I must satisfy myself”

Danny Fernandez You have activated the disconnect mode. And after announcing the cancellation of some concerts that were dated to these dates due to the restrictions of the epidemic, The artist decided to take it with a good philosophy He separates, paradoxically, to communicate with himself.

Thus, his recent social media posts showed us the most organic part of Danny Fernandez: A boy fond of photography, gets lost in and in the seascapes “Silence” a home study with your pets.

Realizing that the “artist” has stopped referring to his followers, Danny Fernandez Participate Function Where he was sincere and asked for forgiveness, place and time.

«Sorry if you were not online recently. I’m in the shadows working on something that gets me to put all my strength in“The Manchego reassured his followers, confirming that he had something big in his hands.

In addition, he realizes that he has become satiated and that he is currently needed Time to breathe«. However, there is nothing to worry about, as he added that he will be back and we are sure that he will be full of strength and have many stories to tell.

Artist Danny Fernandez in concert

New stage

As Danny Fernandez admitted, he is working on a new project, which makes us believe that it turns all feelings and thoughts of this unknown time into songs that touch our souls.

The Fire Cycle ended with a re-issue. An album that gave him so many joys that he hoped would conclude his play on stage. The situation is not the most appropriate, but this does not in any way mean that Ciudad Real will be curbed, which is permanent Keeps the best aces up his sleeve.

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Can you beat your solo album for the first time? Although it sounds complicated, it wouldn’t be the first time he had shut the mouths of his underdogs. Whatever is coming, we look forward to it!

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