Dark Empathy: The Dangerous Personality That Would Be Worse Than Psychopaths

Dark Empathy: The Dangerous Personality That Would Be Worse Than Psychopaths

A new study found a definition An unknown trait of the human personality classified as dark empathy. According to what was published in the scientific journal Personality and individual differencesThis trait can be on a par with psychopathy, Machiavellianism, narcissism, and sadism.

As the researchers discovered, dark empathy can, in fact, be worse than the previously named traits, being more difficult to identify.

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The Dark empaths are people who understand the feelings of others and are interested in listening to others To make them feel good, but the goal is not the well-being of the other, but to get something to manipulate, stir up intrigues and emotionally harm him.

People who exhibit dark empathy traits do not attack others directly, unlike psychopaths. On the other hand, dark sympathizers attack indirectly with actions such as exclusion, ridicule, and induction of guilt.

Spreading rumors is one of the The things that dark empath enjoysWith the aim of achieving personal goals and self-satisfaction.

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Although this trait was recently identified, there is still a lot to investigate in this regard so the only thing that is currently known is that these people show high levels of empathy despite having negative traits in their personality. For now, new samples of dark sympathy will continue to emerge in the future.

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