Demi Lovato says calling ET is insulting

Demi Lovato says calling ET is insulting

singer Demi Lovato came to the defense From another group, this time from Aliens Alien fans are asked to stop using it a term to be considered offensive For beings from other worlds, which, he asserts, do not want to be distorted.

In an interview conducted by the means because ofA new documentary series entitled “Anonymous with Demi Lovato,” the artist stated It’s better if they stop calling them Aliens Because it is a pejorative term and it is recommended to refer to them as culprits.

“That’s why I like to call them ETs! So, yeah, that’s a little detail,” he expressed and added that these live in peace because “If there were beings that could harm us, we would have been gone a long time ago.”

Demi Lovato presented her new UFO related series (Image/Twitter: @ddlovato)

In the documentary series, Demi Lovato He explains his experiences with his older sister, Dallas Lovato and his friend Matthew Montgomery to learn more about the phenomenon of UFOs. Although it looks like they didn’t find anything from ETsThe singer confirms that strange things happened during the recordings and that they were captured on camera.

“I have a belief that You can make a connection, as I do if you meditate and expand your consciousness I work for enlightenment. I think this is the fastest way to be able to see something or find something.”

Demi Lovato He made various statements that sparked controversy between his fans and the art world. One of them happened in May when he announced that he is known as Nobody Binary And part of the LGBT community, as well as changing their pronouns for “elle”.

Demi Lovato says there are alien angels (Image/Instagram: @ddlovato)

On the other hand, she confirmed in her social networks that there are strange angels protecting her from her worst enemy, which is herself, and also stated that “ETs“They have already reached the ground and are close.

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