The unexpected gift that a new solar storm will leave us | Science

The unexpected gift that a new solar storm will leave us |  Science

The Science Fiction Made us believe that solar storms are associated with fall Telecommunications or at the end of the world Internet As we know it, it even harms people’s eyesight, but it won’t be that way, at least not in this case.

It’s last Thursday, October 9, one of our parent star’s points broke out, Launching a coronal mass directly on the ground. Rest assured, this won’t bring us a disaster of biblical proportions or chaos, it’s seamless.

As shown or as specified or as indicated , the solar flare will cause the northern and southern auroras, but without reaching the intensity of the Carrington event.

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On a scale up to G5, this storm is categorized as G1 or G2, making it a low-intensity solar storm.

In the case of G2, it can bring the aurora borealis middle, northern and southern latitudes. However, it can be seen only in the high latitudes south and north of our humble blue planet.

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Places like Tasmania or Scotland may witness an atmospheric phenomenon The most beautiful thing there can be. The effects of this solar storm will last until Tuesday, October 12.

Thus, the sun gives us a gift, although we will not enjoy it allIn our time, social networks will certainly bring us closer to these phenomena.

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