Did Kim Kardashian walk in El Salvador? These videos may be proof

Did Kim Kardashian walk in El Salvador?  These videos may be proof

In Dictok, several clips showing a woman in a dress similar to the one worn by the celebrity at the Med Gala have gone viral. Who is under that black dress?

They started going viral last Thursday Tic Tac Toe Several videos showing a woman dancing and walking from head to toe in some parts of the city of Santa Ana in El Salvador. In one of these clips, a dark figure in the central park of the city is shown making a course, while in another it is shown climbing the steps of an apartment, and in another, buying and tasting for a minute in the middle of the street.

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Those who watched the videos immediately noticed that the woman was identical Kim KardashianIn particular, when a celebrity attended the Med Gala in New York.

Kim Kardashian wore the Balenciaga costume for the Med Gala. Photo: AFP

To add to the confusion and curiosity of the Internet users who released these audio visuals, he wrote in a clip: “Kim Kardashian and a fan of Santa Ana. No one knows that Kim is a dictator. After the Med Gala party”.

After looking carefully at the pictures, most users immediately realized that the woman who looked like the shadow was not the ex-wife of Kanye West, but Salvador Dictoker.

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But who is hiding under that outfit? It’s about a young dictator named Liz Rodriguez Santhaneka, Who has the best idea to follow the famous American businessman.

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Lim Rodriguez is a follower of Kim. Chart and Non-Commercial Image / www.tiktok.com/@lizrodriguez798/video/6974968896499535109

So far one of those videos (which goes a few steps up) has received 7,294 likes.

Images can be enjoyed on கணக்கில் lizrodriguez798

As expected, the audiovisuals caused all sorts of reactions, however, most of them said that Liz had a lot of fun and humor.

It is worth noting that the dress worn by the real Kim Kardashian at the Med Gala came from the Balenciaga brand. The real images of the entrepreneur were the source of ridicule and the inspiration for many memes.

Below are the videos that Liz posted on her Dictoc account:

Dicktocker Liz Rodriguez of Santana followed the famous American influence. Chart and non-commercial videos / https://www.tiktok.com/@lizrodriguez798

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