Senator Barahona: “I hope Abenader finishes Monte Grande”

Senator Barahona: “I hope Abenader finishes Monte Grande”

“At the rate that work is progressing on the Monte Grande dam project, work that has been demanded by residents of the provinces that make up the Enriquí region for more than five decades, it could be completed within the next 10 or 15 years.” The statement was made by Barahona Senator for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), José del Castillo Savignon, during an event where he provided an account of his legislative actions last year.

Del Castillo Saviñón stated that the company behind the project, the Brazilian multinational Andrade Gutiérrez, is currently facing “extremely difficult” moments in the international context on the verge of declaring itself in “bankruptcy”.

“This greatly affects the Monte Grande project in the implementation process, to the extent that today, specifically the main work, which is the dam, is carried out by only 58%,” the legislator said.

The PLD leader noted that $80 million has already been invested in the project, including the first component (which was the Sabana Yegua Dam) and design work, “but we don’t see financially the capacity for this work to be finished next year as announced”.

Quite the contrary

Monte Grande, a project that would allow about 300,000 new agricultural tasks to be integrated into production, would become a containment dam for each hurricane season, generating electricity and creating new jobs, among other benefits.

Del Castillo stated that he understands that it is not a single component, but that there are also the reservoir, canals and other related work that needs to be done, but he reiterated his concern about the way the project is operating. on slowed down.

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Listin Diario contacted a source associated with the project who revealed in exchange for his identity protection that the work currently underway on the dam was “small,” coinciding with a complaint made by the opposition senator while presenting his administration. Barahona State Senator.

Formation of a special committee

Del Castillo Savignon has called on President Luis Abenader and the manager of Anderhy to “take action on the matter”, arguing that an entire region cannot wait for more than 50 years that has been demanding the construction of its “subway”. Above all, because its implementation is synonymous with the well-being of its inhabitants.

He revealed that the Senate of the Republic will form in the coming days a special investigation committee to monitor work.

“From all areas: the disbursement, payments and other aspects required to realize this work, which is of vital importance to the development of Pedernales, Barahona, Bahoruco and Independencia, have been completed as soon as possible,” South said. Congressman.

The legislator revealed that there is talk of “Annex” No. 4 that Congress did not know, a situation that worries members of the Senate, especially from this region, “but what we are looking for is the termination of the project.”

This battle has no colors

The senator from this province warned that his battle to complete the Monte Grande dam, the torch relayed to him by former PLD senator Eddie Mateo Vázquez, will not stop until the goal is achieved.

He thanked the merger of the senators of the region: Melania Salvador, (PRM-Bahoruco), Dionis Alfonso Sánchez, (FP-Pedernales), Valentín Medrano Pérez, (PLD-Independencia) and Iván Lorenzo (PLD-Comendador, Elías Piña), for their collaboration. With him and support any measure aimed at ensuring the completion of the Monte Grande dam as soon as possible.

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Del Castillo Savignon, he emphasized that it is a struggle that has no party color, but in itself what it seeks is progress and prosperity in an entire region whose development has slowed down for decades, due to the lack of political will of the various governments that ran the Dominican state.


The opposing senator brought together entities, personalities, academia, political leaders, and civil society representatives, among others, to whom he described his legislative work for Barahona County.

The President of the University of Ocatepa, Father Cecilia Espinal, Director of the UASD Barahona Campus, Manuel Antonio de la Cruz Fernandez, Representative Rudi Maria Mendez (Arinín), Senator Elias Peña, Ivan Lorenzo, among others attended.

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