Diet is the key to dental health

Diet is the key to dental health

Coffee, sweets, flour … There are foods that can harm the health of our teeth. Just as a healthy lifestyle can help us prevent diseases like obesity and diabetes, eating the right diet will also allow us to avoid dental problems in the future. Here are some tips.

  1. Be careful with sugar. Sugar is mainly associated with tooth decay problems. Once bacteria come into contact with sugar in the mouth, acids are produced that attack our teeth. Not just sugar but any of its offerings: sweets, sugary drinks, soft drinks and sweets. Avoid them as much as possible, this way you can better control your weight.
  2. Avoid eating between meals. Contrary to what nutrition experts recommend about eating small snacks in the middle of the morning or afternoon, the best thing for dental health is to avoid eating too many meals in the day. During heavy meals, we secrete more saliva, and this helps us to digest food better and reduce the effects of acids that can damage the teeth.
  3. More fruits and vegetables. If you are going to eat between meals, it is best to choose fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw vegetables like celery and carrots can help remove plaque from your teeth, although this is not a substitute for brushing after every meal.
  4. Eat foods rich in B complex. B-complex vitamins help reduce inflammation and pain from gingivitis or mouth ulcers. Increase your consumption of eggs, fish, legumes and nuts such as peanuts.
  5. Don’t abuse the coffee. Coffee can stain tooth enamel. The only advantage is that it generates stains that can be removed because it does not affect the internal structure of the tooth. However, try to prefer coffee beans and avoid thawing.
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