“Evo is the most authentic”; AMLO receives him at the National Palace

“Evo is the most authentic”;  AMLO receives him at the National Palace

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sReceived this afternoon to Evo Morales, the former president of Bolivia, in National Palace. After a meeting that lasted nearly two hours, Morales left the historic site, without making any statement.

On his Twitter account, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He posted a photo of a meeting with the former Bolivian president who he described as “the most authentic representative of the indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

“We spoke with Evo Morales, the loyal leader of the Bolivian people and the most authentic representative of the indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he wrote on the social network.

The Chancellor also attended the meeting Marcelo Ebrard, And Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandezgovernment secretary (will roam).

In an interview with the media upon leaving the National Palace, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, Minister for External Relations (SRE), confirmed that it was a “good talk” between President Lopez Obrador and Evo Morales, who thanked him for the asylum he received from Mexico at the end of 2019 after the coup in dullness.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that he will travel to that country in November.

It was a good talk, salute, I wanted to say hello to President Lopez Obrador, he came with some of his colleagues there. To be grateful for the support that Mexico has given him, and thus also to comment on what they are making there in Bolivia, especially the most important social progress they see Mexico as a point of reference, and the many reactions, the social programs that Mexico is carrying out.

“It was a very interesting conversation because it shows the weight that Mexico has gained in Latin America and especially in Bolivia,” he said.

The Head of External Relations reported that Evo Morales invited him to Bolivia, announced that for this he would visit that South American country next November, and indicated that he also invited President Lopez Obrador, who informed him that it is currently difficult to do so. Left.

He was asked: “Has he commented that he can restore some political and academic activity here?”

“Not in the short term, he did not comment on that day, and what is more, he invited me to Bolivia and I will visit Bolivia in November.”

The president was also invited, will the president go? Did he say anything to you? “

“He said he would like it very much but now it is very difficult for him to leave, but one day we will definitely be able to do it.”

Ebrard Casaubon stated that the meeting did not discuss the issue of lithium exploitation.

“Did the boss make some kind of expression towards Evo?”

“Well, we respect the movement and the struggle that they gave for so many years to achieve what it achieved. The lesson that although the coup took place, the fact that there are roots as a people complying with the people with their main causes, led to an incredible result, after the coup, winning the elections that is a great lesson : If you are loyal to the people who elected you, how does the movement go, as a person, this support will continue”

“How is the head of his teardrop?”

“He’s commented on that now, I think he’ll be fine by tomorrow,” he commented before retiring.

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