Discover a Pixar filter, it will make you look like one of its characters | algebraic

Discover a Pixar filter, it will make you look like one of its characters |  algebraic

snap chat revive and again become a trend Thanks to the viral filter that all users of social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok loved. It became fashionable because of her amazing job To make you look like a Disney animated character. appearance Your face becomes part of Pixar With bulging eyes and a cartoonish look, but at the same time very realistic.

You might think so Snapchat was a thing of the past, but he came back to give this surprise and reappear because of Viral that caused the filter Among Tik Tok users. In addition to being mind-made next movie fromLucaWhich is expected to be launched soon.

If you haven’t found out yet How would your face be with this filter Here We will tell you how to be part of the new trends in social networks.

– First, you must have the app on Snapchat and have your own personal username.
– Once installed, you can access the app and go to the “Filters” icon.
– You will have to look in the magnifying glass by typing “Cartoon 3D Style”.
-Select the first option that appears and save it to your repertoire.
-And ready! Put your face at a visible angle and the app will do its job. You can see yourself as one of your favorite Pixar characters.

Don’t forget that you can Share your video on Tik Tok and Instagram To be part of the long catalog of those who have used it. Certainly You’ll look like you’re part of the cast.

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