NASA will explore the far side of the moon in 2024

NASA will explore the far side of the moon in 2024

The color It always shows the same face as EarthThis is why its outermost side has become synonymous with mystery and is even colloquially known as the hidden or dark side, even though it actually receives as much light as the nearest side.

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Towards this region of the natural satellite, the NASA A space probe will be sent for the first time in 2024 as part of the program Payloads and Research Investigations on the Moon (PRISM), For the purpose of collecting data on the region as a potential future destination for astronauts from Artemis, which will once again set foot on the surface of the moon.

This region of the Moon will receive two of the three payloads that the space agency plans to send to investigate more about our planet’s satellite. The hidden side is especially important because it was kept intact by machines and spaceships until the mission Chang’e-4 from China She landed it in 2019.

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The study of lunar eddies, seismic activity, heat flow and electrical conductivity of the interior of the Schrödinger Basin are some of the purposes of the investigations that will be carried out. If successful, NASA will become the first space agency to bring humans to this side of the moon.

The third payload that NASA will send to the Moon will go to its closest destination. Named the Lunar Vertex, made up of a probe and rover, it will head to Reiner Gamma, one of the most visible lunar vortices from Earth where it will take magnetic field measurements for scientists to study.

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