Distribution of EV charging companies in the USA

Distribution of EV charging companies in the USA

Society’s priorities have changed: it’s no longer just about striving to buy the most expensive or good-looking car. The younger generations have an environmental awareness that previous generations did not have, and that is why they are looking for ways to move around that are more environmentally friendly. That is where electric vehicles come into the picture and, along with them, EV charging companies and the chargers they offer to drivers.

There are more than 300 EV charging companies around the world. Each one offers different types of chargers, with various technologies and under particular modalities. Most of these companies have been in the market for no more than 5 to 10 years and are constantly upgrading. Of those 300+ companies, there are about 100 based in America and offer Level 2 and DCFC chargers.

EV charging companies in the U.S.

U.S. President, Joe Biden, has stated several times that he wants to expand the electrical charging network across the country since climate change and environmental health are part of his agenda. Up to this day, there are more than 21,000 charging stations with 120,000 charging points all across the USA. The idea is to add at least 100,000 more charging points in the next few years.

Fossil fuel companies have been suffering during the past decade, as did the oil and gas companies. On one hand, the prices of gas and fuel are rising, as well as the using-clean-energy consciousness. That led to all of those traditional companies either starting to disappear or joining the change by adopting new ways of doing business. Thanks to all of this, EV charging companies in the USA are expanding.

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Automakers are also adopting new ways of doing business. They’re putting everything into making electric vehicles cheaper yet modern-looking.

The increasing demand for EVs comes from the need for more EV charging stations and charging points, and that’s when EV charging station companies come into the picture to save the day.

According to the global community of tech investors, Nanalyze, the U.S. needs about 2 million EV charging stations to supply the thousands of electric cars that will start driving on the country’s roads in the next few years. Challenging, isn’t it?.

Though most electric vehicle charging is done in residential areas using Level 1 chargers, those chargers take 24 or more hours to charge an EV battery to its 100%. That is useful for overnight charging, and for drivers who don’t use their vehicles to drive a lot every day.

Having access to public charging is important and mandatory to ensure all drivers that they’ll have where to plug in their cars. There are lots of EV owners who need to drive for many hours on a daily basis and they need to have chargers near them. A great example of this is the West Coast Electric Highway.

Recharging EVs: subscription plans

Most EV charging station companies in the USA use the pay-as-you-go method, but there are other companies who offer monthly subscription plans for a fixed fee. An example of that is EVCS, which offers unlimited monthly charging for less than $50 and has lots of charging points across many states.

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If you’re a driver who uses their EV every day and drives a lot or you’re planning to use your electric car to go on vacation, subscription plans are your best option, since it’ll make you save money when compared to the pay-as-you-go charging.

Most of these types of plans have no annual commitment, which means you can cancel any time you want. You can give it a try, compare how much you spend on this plan compared to the other method, and see if it works for you. Not sure? Remember, you can call it quits when you want to.

Electric vehicles are here to stay, are you ready to be part of the change?

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