Documentary about Ilse Fuskova premieres at INCAA Space

Documentary about Ilse Fuskova premieres at INCAA Space

INCAA Space Sala Orestes Caviglia (San Martin 251) will present a documentary by Ilse Fuskova, written by Lucas Santa Anna And Liliana Forio, which depicts the life of a historical feminist and lesbian activist in Argentina. Today, Ilse is 92 years old and has marked an essential path to the new struggles for civil rights in the 21st century. The film will be shown on Sunday and Monday at 8:00 pm and Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

gral entrance. $100 dollars; Retirees and students $50.

Tasks will be carried out according to the protocol established by the COE, while reducing room capacity.

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Elsie Voskova is an Argentine activist, journalist and photographer. She was the first woman who dared to come out of the closet and openly declare that she was a lesbian in front of television cameras. It was in 1991, when Mirtha Legrand invited her to participate in one of her lunches. She was married and had three children. In 1984 she broke up with her and in 1985 she began serving in the feminist movement and later in the lesbian feminist movement. In 2015, she was declared an Outstanding Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires by the Legislature of Buenos Aires.

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