Domestic basketball: In A1, defenders left Belgrano unattributed

Domestic basketball: In A1, defenders left Belgrano unattributed

“Garnett” added his second win in a row by defeating Belgrano “A” at home with a score of 82 to 79, which made him his first setback in the championship. Additionally, Regatas “A” beat him in a stronghold outside of La Emilia 101-90. At A2, there were also two victories in the visit: from Miter to Social and from Sacachispas to Los Andes.

Facundo Porta scored 5 points last night for the Defensores, who added their second win in a row.

For the first domestic championship “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio”, they won yesterday the “A” and Defensores regattas. The represented striker beat a stronghold outside La Emilia by 101 to 90, while Agate added his second straight win by beating Belgrano A at Luis Maria Giordano by 82 to 79, giving his first win. Championship setback. In this way, the only leader with a perfect score is Somisa “A”, who had previously beaten Don Bosco at the start of the activity.

In their success against Belgranenses, Defenses Agustin Porta scored the scorers with 17 points and Bruno Castonjaurigui with 16 points, while Reed did not reach 40 points from Gennaro Calcatera. In contrast, Jeremias Easterling made his Belgrano debut, finishing the match with a score of 20.

On the other hand, in the framework of day number 6 of A2, two victories were recorded for the visitors. In Villa Ramalo Sacachispas (with 22 from Ulises Galvan Oviedo) he beat Los Andes by 102 to 80 (38 by Alejandro Astudillo). Very close there, at the Ramallo Pueblo, Miter de San Pedro (24 by Damián Scorcelli) won 65 to 57 over the Social (17 by Leo Reynoso), who with Los Andes did not win the competition. Somisa “B” – Riberas for this group will play today at 7:00 PM. Friday’s Regattas “B” passed the leader and undefeated, 73 to 63 to Belgrano “B”.

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82- Call

Belgrano “A” 79

Referees: M. Petroni-A. Barbish

Parts: 20-25, 15-26, 24-14, 13-7

Defenders (82): Natalini 6, Castonjáuregui 16 (x), Trachiti 6, A. Porta 17, Saavedra 10 (x) (fi), F. Porta 5, Scianca 4, Dignani 6, Ibarra 10, Pasciullo 2. DT: Martin Blanco.

Belgrano “A” (79): Dr. Matsoni 3, Sionko 5, Calcatera 40, Easterling 20, Barel 5 (Fi), Starczyewski 0, Prediger 6. DT: Ariel Amarillo.

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