Confusion for Cruz Azul’s second goal; It took six minutes to check and Garcia was injured

Confusion for Cruz Azul’s second goal;  It took six minutes to check and Garcia was injured

Cruz Azul scored two goals in just five minutes, however, VAR took time to verify the second goal due to a clash between Arbelin Pineta and Luis Garcia.

Cruz Azul’s second goal against Toluca caused chaos at the Aztec Stadium.As it took Fernando Guerrero six minutes to check it out, the devil left goalkeeper Luis Garcia injured and came out of the change after a clash with Orbelin Pineda.

The engine took three minutes to open the scoreboard, Both from Brian Anglo. However, two minutes later Santiago Kimines clashed with Arbelin Pineda and Luis Garcia 2-0 in a controversial play.

A pass from Cruz Azul’s defensive zone was badly taken behind Toluca, Who could not cut the ball, so Arbelin Pineda entered the area alone to dispute the ball with Luis Garcia. However, the sky-blue footballer kicked the keeper’s hand and the ball reached the boots of Santiago Kimines, who scored the first shot.

Toluca players oppose Garcia’s absence of Pineta, who was lying on the grass and later receiving treatment. Guerrero was in contact with the VAR and on two occasions pointed out that it was a goal. However, before the demons’ demands, Whistle went to the screen to watch the play, but was determined to deliver the target to the local people.

When players chat with a referee, Garcia tried to recover, but failed, So Hernான்n Cristand chose to make his first change and Alfredo Soldவர்ver replaced the opening goalkeeper.

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Garcia lost six minutes between claims and medical care. Giménez pushed the ball into the net at 5 ‘and 11’, finally allowing Abardura to resume the fourth day’s match of 2021 with a score of 2-0 on the scoreboard.

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