In Manizales they want citizens to respect public spaces

In Manizales they want citizens to respect public spaces

The Ministries of Environment and Social Development join the campaign I know my eyesLed by the Ministry of Mobility and with the support of the Ministry of Environment, through which they seek to ensure that citizens respect public spaces and facilitate the passage of people with visual impairments.

Specialists constantly visit sectors with problems of poor parking and inappropriate use of public spaces by informal vendors, to give their recommendations and explain the problems this poses to people with disabilities and citizens in general.

Some of the points identified where this condition occurs are:

  • center.
  • Santander Street.
  • Upper Switzerland district.
  • Gallery.
  • The star.

Therefore, the authorities are strengthening controls in these sectors and requesting the support of the community so that these measures that conflict with the safety of pedestrians are not exposed. “The purpose of this activity is to ask citizens not to park their cars in areas of pedestrians and informal vendors, and not to obstruct safe areas,” said John Betancourt, Education Director at the Department of Mobility.

On the other hand, Jose Fernando Salazar Botero, a university specialist from the Ministry of Environment, stated that awareness made with street vendors is important, as they are asked not to locate items in public places because they can become obstacles to mobility and cause accidents.

On some days, these activities are accompanied by persons with disabilities, who announce the accidents in which they became victims due to this situation.

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