Double your storage space with the new Tomtoc PadFolio Case for iPad [Video]

Double your storage space with the new Tomtoc PadFolio Case for iPad [Video]

If you are looking for the perfect travel case for the new iPad Pro, look no further Tomtoc pillow. Not only does this bulky travel bag protect your iPad, but it also features smart enough storage to hold all iPad accessories.

Tomtoc PadFolio is available in three versions. The Lite model is extremely lightweight in terms of portability, while the Pro version has more capacity to accommodate essential iPad accessories such as Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio. Finally, there is the Plus version which provides enough space to carry an external Magic Keyboard and many other accessories.

Of course, tomtoc PadFolio excels at drop protection and features a 360-degree military cover that can protect your content from accidental drops and bumps. The interior of the iPad case features soft-touch fabric to protect the screen, along with a secure strap to keep the tablet in place.

Video Tutorial: Funda tomtoc PadFolio for iPad

Although PadFolio is a great choice for new iPad Pro owners, it works well with any 9.7-11 inch tablet. This means it works well with entry-level iPads, iPad Air, and non-Apple tablets like Samsung, among others. There are also versions of PadFolio for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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