Dua Lipa doing her dance tour which caused her to be bullied a few years ago

Dua Lipa doing her dance tour which caused her to be bullied a few years ago

Dua Lipa.

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singer Dua Lipa do not forget it In 2018, he became a laughingstock on social networks because of his funny choreographyalthough what might have been a dynamic of healthy jokes soon became a strategy of harassment and demolition against the artist by the most ruthless netizens.

The British artist wanted to remember that experience during her last interview with her Jimmy Fallonprecisely because of Now he wants to relive those dance steps on his new world tour. For Dua, this gesture helped her rid herself of the nightmare she was experiencing and “reclaim” this controversy as a source of strength and improvement.

“The reason we’re talking about is because I recreated that dance myself. I’m doing it on my own a tour. I want to claim the experience because it caused me so much pain at the time. they did me Authoritarianism in networks. It wasn’t pretty, but now I can look back from a different perspective. “Those hits made me a better artist,” the singer said as she passed the show. “TonightShow” from the series NBC.

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