Edmundo González and María Corina Machado were not aware of Gustavo Petro's proposal to hold a referendum

Edmundo González and María Corina Machado were not aware of Gustavo Petro's proposal to hold a referendum

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Colombian President Gustavo Petro is so concerned about the Venezuelan elections scheduled for July 28 that he has proposed holding a referendum to give guarantees to the winners of the elections.

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But this proposal was not passed or implemented, and according to information collected by this newspaper, it remained under discussion at the Colombian embassy in Caracas.

Sources confirmed to EL TIEMPO that the proposal is in line with the same agreements signed between Nicolas Maduro's government and the opposition in Mexico and Barbados, which focused briefly on electoral guarantees and respect for the results of the July 28 vote.

Despite speculation that Petro had in his hands a draft of the proposal that his ambassador in Caracas, Milton Rengifo, worked on, this was denied by Colombian Foreign Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo.

To this is now added a statement from the opposition in Caracas, represented by María Corina Machado and candidate Edmundo González, confirming that although they participated in the meetings with Ambassador Rengifo, they were not aware of the text either.

“President Pietro has presented a proposal whose detailed content we do not know. On more than one occasion we have held a meeting with them (Ambassador Rengifo and Foreign Minister Murillo), and we reiterated that we can express our opinion when we have knowledge of the content of the proposal but so far we do not have this opinion.” Edmundo Gonzalez answered a question posed by this newspaper in Caracas.

Machado added, “It was the advisor himself who said there was no such project.” “We have the same general information.”

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You can read the full memo at the time

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