El Salvador: Jean Manis promised that the US embassy would be a “neutral” place. The most important news and analysis in Latin America | DW

El Salvador: Jean Manis promised that the US embassy would be a “neutral” place. The most important news and analysis in Latin America |  DW

The new Chargé d’Affairs of the United States in El Salvador, Jean Manis, this Tuesday (06/01/2021) secured a neutral position regarding the internal policies of the Central American country, at a time when bilateral relations between the two countries are witnessing. tension.

“I know that I intend to continue this tradition that the embassy is that neutral place that welcomes all members of the political spectrum, the private sector and Salvadoran society,” he said upon arrival at Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport in the south of the country. Country.

Mance emphasized that the United States would support “good governance that is reflected in the rule of law and the separation of powers, an independent and free press, a strong civil society, and a credible judicial system committed to fighting corruption in all its forms.”

“All these elements are essential to a strong and vibrant democracy. All these efforts are fundamental to El Salvador’s progress and our cooperation,” said the diplomat, who was already her country’s ambassador to El Salvador between 2015 and 2019.

The relationship between Washington and San Salvador

The United States has distanced itself from President Najib Bukele after the new legislative assembly, which is controlled by the ruling party, dismissed a group of judges and the attorney general on May 1, drawing international condemnation and from sections of the opposition, which denounced anger at the separation of powers.

In light of this, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, emphasized that Washington must “respond”: her government has already stopped cooperation with the police and the Institute for Access to Information and redirected these funds to the fight against corruption.

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After distancing itself from the United States, El Salvador strengthened ties with China with a $500 million cooperation agreement. But Mance pointed to part of the million-dollar cooperation his country has provided to El Salvador in recent years, including $737 million, among other aspects, to build or repair 349 public schools in the coastal region of the country. Also, contributions to the promotion of democracy and the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Mance will be the highest representative of the United States in El Salvador, replacing Brendan O’Brien. After the departure of Ambassador Ronald Johnson in January 2021, who was appointed by former US President Donald Trump, the Joe Biden government has not appointed his successor.

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