El Tre attack! Rueda speaks to the press in South America and does not forget what they did to Honduras in the Azteca

El Tre attack!  Rueda speaks to the press in South America and does not forget what they did to Honduras in the Azteca


Reynaldo Rueda He continues to shoot at the Mexicans and sends a harsh message to Trey after the controversy surrounding the duel in Azteca, where Honduras fell on penalties and lost the direct ticket to the Copa America: “It’s self-deception, so they are.” “We will confront each other with reality,” the strategist said.

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He added: “The Mexican national team does not need this type of situation. “It’s a self-deception that I think we have to correct for the health of football,” Reynaldo Rueda, coach of the Honduras national team, began filming in the initial preview of the draw for the Copa America, the tournament in which the Honduran national team will have to play. Play-off match to be able to attend after the controversial elimination at the hands of Mexico.

The South American coach is clear. He left a harsh message to the Mexicans, confirming that many managers, coaches and journalists from that country apologized to him after the performance of Salvadoran referee Ivan Barton, who gave more than the specified time until Mexico equalized.

“The number of messages I received from journalists, managers, coaches and friends of Mexican football, apologizing, expressing solidarity and congratulating us for the team’s behavior, which I think could have been better, playing in a difficult stadium with heavy rain. The second half in the heat of Mexico City.. “, the Honduran coach continued his explanation to the Ecuadorian football channel.

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The Mexicans went with the studs because they believe that in the Copa America they will face reality and not with the help of CONCACAF in the classification. He considered that the match against H was a “self-deception” for the Mexican national team.

“Many Mexicans have expressed themselves that we cannot do this damage to these young people in the Mexican team, because later on they will have big challenges and they will face reality, so it is a self-deception that there might be a priority,” Professor Rueda said. “The stadium, and it shouldn’t be that way.”

Finally, he expressed his regret that Honduras was affected by that match and the lack of sanctions against the competitor. They lost four players to the yellow and red, in addition to injured players such as Luis Vega, who left with a dislocated shoulder.

He said: “Although our players are injured, one of them has a dislocated shoulder to undergo surgery for several weeks, we have one with a broken rib, and we have four punished…eh because this was the procedure according to the referee’s behavior.” .

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