End of Heaven: How Much Will It Cost to Subscribe to Only Fans by Kimberly Reyes | Heaven without breasts | Netflix TV Series | Fame

End of Heaven: How Much Will It Cost to Subscribe to Only Fans by Kimberly Reyes |  Heaven without breasts |  Netflix TV Series |  Fame

Beautiful BarranquillaraHe is an artist with multiple talents and endeavors. In addition to appearing in Like “Diomedes, el cacique de la junta” and “El Joe,” she is also a content creator on makeup and facials, where she developed her own cosmetics brand. She is also influential in social networks.

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As a result of her hard efforts, today she has many amenities; However, the extra income is never bad. So on his Instagram account, Reese Analyzes the possibility to join the stars used on the site Only the fans.

It all came as a result of a question asked by a fan through an option ‘questions and answers’ on the social network. At that moment, Reyes reveals with his colleague Marcia Jones They had already made calculations of how much they would earn. If you want to know more about the artist’s plans, read on.

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Will Kimberly Rice Open Only One Team?

When the user asks him about the possibility of creating an account in Only the fans, sexual content network subscription, actress Marcia Jones He admits that they have already discussed the matter.

“I even did the calculations. Look, my love, we will produce a lot and I will take pictures and videos for you. I quit everything. Give me 10%”, pointed out Jones.

How much will the singer earn?

Similarly, he performed the calculations of his future earnings in front of all his followers:

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“Baby, 4 million followers. Let 1% sign up. We’re talking about 40,000 people for $15 each. We’re talking about 600,000 and I’ll earn 10% of that… I have $60,000 left.”

Before the juicy look revealed by her friend, Kimberly He did not hesitate and conducted a survey to see how many of his followers would be willing to pay this monthly figure. The result was that 47% of people are interested in seeing its sensory content.

“Okay, a ticket there. You can take one of the exciting pictures… we can make it a challenge Only the fans for a month. Who participates? “, pointed out.

What will you see on your profile?

With a huge acceptance rate, the Colombian shared a teaspoon of what will be the content of her account Only the fans. Wearing only a white shirt, Reyes appears seductively in front of the camera for nearly 4 million followers.

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