Erica Bowenville shows Victoria Ruffo’s petite waist, smaller than Thalia

Erica Bowenville shows Victoria Ruffo’s petite waist, smaller than Thalia

It’s always a good day to show off old photos of our sweet memories, and more so on last Thursday, or as it’s known on TBT social networks, so Erica Bowenville He wanted to share one old picture What do we see in it? next to Beautiful and beloved actresses, Victoria Ruffo and Edith Gonzalez.

It was through his Instagram account Erica Bowenville We shared the photo we mentioned earlier, in which we see the handsome trio during their younger years, and that’s why we see what it’s like to be Victoria Ruffo wears a mini beltAnd Smaller than Thaliaso we left with square eyes.

Of course no one can deny that Victoria Ruffo is a very beautiful woman Like Erica Bowenville and the late Edith GonzalezIt is only over the years that beauty matures and other qualities of people stand out, but fans loved seeing women when they were young.

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From what we can see, the photo was taken after the beautiful actresses played a game of tennis, so Victoria Ruffo, Erica Bowenville and Edith Gonzalez Wearing shorts and skirts To be able to play and although we don’t know exactly what year it was, all three look very young.

On what we mentioned, it was not for nothing that the three spent their time in the lead roles in soap operas, for example, the photo reminded us when Victoria Ruffo took part in the TV series “Simplemente María”, which was broadcast between 1989 and 1990 in through the Televisa signal.

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So it’s possible that the photo that Erica Bowenville shared with us was even before that time, so it looks like the three were single at the time and were pretty young, so now we know Victoria Ruffo had a time when she wore the petite waist smaller than Thalia.

Erica Bowenville and her pink memory

In addition to the imaging we have already described, Erica Bowenville He also decided to share more photos of his torso, one of which is where the first actress is She wears a pretty pink dress with bare sneakers Which gives it the perfect style for the elegant woman.

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And although the image is outdated, good taste never goes out of style, so the style and combination of the dress can be easily adapted to current times and benefited for women of all ages, remember that pink is perfect regardless of your age as it rejuvenates you.

So this is a good choice to wear and if you want the sneakers to also go pink, but in a very soft tone or you can combine it with Barbie pink to give a nice contrast to the dress, so the limit is your imagination. It all depends if you want a more discreet style or a more extravagant style.

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