Telenovela actor Roberto Manrique introduces his friend

Telenovela actor Roberto Manrique introduces his friend

Famous Ecuadorean actor Roberto ManriqueBest known for his amazing appearances on successful Colombian soap operas, he shared with his fans last August that he is gay.

Her personal life has kept her far from the limelight, but this Thursday introduced her partner for the first time, Oliver Raneft, of German descent, has been married for seven years.

In an exclusive interview with the magazine, people in spanish He starred in a photo session with his partner and another special member of the family, a dog named Mila.

Manrique, best known for his series “Without Breasts No Heaven” and “Victorinus,” recounted that he met Oliver 10 or 11 years ago at a conference.

“He’s always worked in the social field, worked at UNDP and was a volunteer. I was giving a lecture at the Climate Summit – he was in the audience – and when we finished we greeted each other. He congratulated me and agreed to connect on Facebook and we didn’t call back and started dating until after three Years “.

Their relationship officially began in 2014.

The plastic artist also confirmed that he never hid his sexual orientation. “I didn’t feel like I was living in a closet“I didn’t talk about it with the press,” he said in a conversation with People en Español under the signature of Carol Joseph, but there was no environment in which it was pretending to be something or hiding it.

He also noted that his family was always aware of the relationship with Oliver.

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He added, “Of course. It is another home of the family. When we come to Ecuador we stay with my mother; Mila stays at my mother’s house. There were never pets in my mother’s house.”

He said the public response to the revelation that he is gay has been positive. “The love in my networks is positive. I will not deny that I saw the face of the other community and that it is strong.”

It was in August 2021 when the Ecuadorean model also made a nearly 9-minute long video to talk about his sexual preference. Although it was new news to most of the audience, the actor announced at the time that in his family, friends and work circle, it was a well-known topic, but decided to announce it because he felt “more happy”.

Roberto Manrique is 42 years old, and in addition to acting, he devoted himself to modeling. Among other television productions, he participated in “Black Widow”, “Gentlemen Prefer Savages”, “Taxi Driver” and “The Clone”.

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