Is there a mathematical equation to find love?

Is there a mathematical equation to find love?

Love is one of the greatest mysteries, and there may seem to be no formula for finding it. However, a team of experts believe they have discovered a file mathematical equation for love.

Sounds like something out of science fiction? Well, it is not, and then we will explain what this mathematical curiosity consists of.

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Math and love

It may seem that there is no direct relationship between love and mathematics except Stephen Woodinga physicist and programmer found a way to connect them.

how did you do it? very easy, Wooding She’s an astronomy fanatic, so she decides to tweak the Drake equation to make it work for her to find love.

The Drake equation is a mathematical formula that tells us about the probability of finding intelligent extraterrestrial life somewhere in the known universe.

Wooding He believes that finding love is as difficult as finding an intelligent alien, so he set out to work on formulating his own love equation.

Mathematical formula for love

To derive his mathematical formula for love, Wooding collaborated with his colleague Ray de WittData scientist.

Between the two they found the variables needed to find love, including aspects such as population growth rate, attractiveness, age range and educational level.

After analyzing all the information, his formula for finding love was as follows:

G = R. fG. Florida Football and U.F.B.

Doesn’t he tell you something? We will explain to you below.

Explanation of the mathematical formula of love

Variables that are part of an equation Wooding Based on wet the following:

  • G = Number of potential partners.
  • R = demographic growth of your country
  • fG = Percentage of the population in your country of the gender you are attracted to
  • fL = the ratio of men / women (according to your preference) who live in your city
  • fA = the ratio of men/women in your city within your preferred age range.
  • fU = the proportion of age-appropriate men/women in your city with a college education (optional variable).
  • fB = proportion of age-appropriate college-educated men/women in your city that you find physically attractive.
  • L = your age
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Unfortunately, the results using the equation may not be entirely optimistic, and may indicate that there are very few potential partners near us.

The equation is available to everyone

While collecting all this data to see how many potential partners are working hard, Wooding I decided to make everything very easy.

He has developed an online calculator to make it easier to find out the number of our potential partners.

Unfortunately the calculator Wooding It is only enabled with UK information.

So we’ll have to wait for a Mexican programmer to decide to make an original.

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