Eugenio Chekas suggests investigating current government officials who “received millions from Alba Petroleos.”

Eugenio Chekas suggests investigating current government officials who “received millions from Alba Petroleos.”

The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal appeared this afternoon before the committee that investigates funds given to NGOs in the association. The girls arrived wearing a series of badges, rejecting Bitcoin.

After repeated questions from New Ideas MPs to the former judge, President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Eugenio Checas, about funds transferred from the Assembly to the Salvadoran Foundation for Democracy and Social Development (Fundaspad); The former official suggested that as part of their mission they should also set up a special commission to investigate Alba Petróleos’ money that had been handed over to current government officials.

“The Recinos Sisters (about Carolina Recinos, the current Chief of Staff of Najib Boukil’s government) do not appear on that list, check. Why not create a committee to determine the origin of the money and how it was managed in Alba Petroleos? How many people have received millions from Alba Petróleos?” Chicas said in The end of her appearance in the Special Committee “It is a proposal, there are government officials who have received millions from Alba Petroleos, and that would be a good contribution to the Salvadoran people.”

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Additionally, he said, the legislature’s mandate should also include investigations of incumbent MPs. “It seems to me that the mandate given to them is important. Or there may be other institutions of other deputies in this Assembly. No one has a crown that is not subject to the jurisdiction of law.

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However, Committee Chair Alexia Rivas, from New Ideas, made it clear that she investigates NGOs that have received public funds and not other entities or institutions for entrepreneurs, and this is a result of the fact that the girls gave them an example that foundations are legal, just as the Bukele family created a foundation In honor of his father, Armando Bucelli.

Immediately, Congresswoman Rivas came out to defend President Neb Bukele. “I assure you, the Bukele brothers will not ask for public resources, let alone steal them,” said Rivas.

Given the questions posed by New Ideas MPs that when he held the position of Communications Secretary in the Presidential House in the government of former President Salvador Sánchez Ceren, he was aware of the destination of the funds for the NGOs; The girls made it clear that it was not up to them to make a decision in this area.

Chicas also justified that 90% of the funds managed by Fundaspad come from international cooperation and 10% from government resources.

Girls and their protest against Bitcoin

For girls, the action of the association’s special committee investigating funds given to NGOs is a “political show lacking any technical approach”.

Eugenio Chekas came to the committee wearing Bitcoin badges on his personal belongings. Photo EDH / Rene Quintanilla

The former official of the commission appeared since after 3 pm to testify about the alleged funds received in an NGO of which he was a member. In the morning, former MP Jorge Shafik Handal of the FMLN appeared.

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Upon arrival, it was noted that Chicas used badges to reject Bitcoin, both on her personal computer and on the necklace. However, while sending and photos of the association they chose to hide these details.

Photos: Eugenio Chekas and his bizarre protest against Bitcoin at the pool committee

Upon learning of the call, Chekas said he was “pleased to call. I have a lot of things to tell you. See you Thursday. I see them worried. See you tomorrow (today) (linden tea can help you while I arrive)”, Chekas wrote on her Twitter account.

In addition, he said that he respects the constitution and the law and for this reason he resorted to the cooperation that the Legislative Committee requests “even with the media burden and the expected standards they came up with. He stressed that the authority has always known how to find me.”

Previously, former MPs Lorena Peña and Melina de Escalon of ARENA have been called to testify. In the case of the two former parliamentarians, there were many uncomfortable situations for both, especially for Bina, who underwent intense questioning for several hours that began at seven in the evening one day and ended at dawn the next. They were called for 2 pm.

More subpoenas

On Friday, August 13, the Legislative Assembly’s Special Committee investigating the delivery of emoluments – but only from previous governments – prepared a day of intense questioning against Luis Mario Rodriguez, the former legal secretary to former President Elias Antonio Saca. Rodriguez called up at 2:00 p.m.

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The Chairman of the Special Committee on Rewards, Jorge Castro, of Nuevas Ideas reported that they also mentioned the Minister of Environment in the government of Mauricio Funes, Herman Rosa Chávez; and former Minister of Education in Antonio Saca’s government, Darlene Meza.

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