Euro 2024: What each country needs for the Round of 16?

Euro 2024: What each country needs for the Round of 16?

We present a panorama of what each team faces in search of a ticket to the next round

One more day left Group level of Euro 2024Only Germany, Spain And Portugal managed to manage their security classification want Round 16 of competition. The remaining 21 teams have the chance to advance to the next round by finishing second in their division or one of the four best third places in the tournament.

last day Group level It will begin play on Sunday, June 23 and will conclude on Wednesday, June 26, when the 16 teams that will play on that day will be known. Round 16The event starts on June 29.

It should be remembered that the top two of the six groups of Euro 2024 progress up to Round 16. The remaining four teams will come from the best third places.

Group A

Germany | 6 points

The Teutons are one of three teams that have already committed classification want Round 16 of Euro 2024. Now they only have to defend their division leadership, a situation that will be assured if they don't lose their last match SwissHis closest follower.

Swiss | 4 points

The crucial match will be against Switzerland, who are second in Group A Germany. A win over the Teutons would give them the lead in the division, and with a draw they'll secure it classification. However, if they lose, they have to believe it Scotland Don't win your match Hungary.

Scotland | 1 point

selection Scotland Have success and hope Swiss lose against Germany Aspire to second place in the field. However, Scotland have a chance to progress Round 16 One of the best third places.

Hungary | 0 points

For examination Hungary The panorama looks very complicated. Your only option is to win your last match and wait for the results of the remaining games in the other groups to qualify as one of the best third places.

Upcoming Games (June 23): Swiss vs Germany And Scotland vs Hungary.

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B Group

Spain | 6 points

The Red You have already secured your ticket Round 16 Also the leadership of group B in practice.

Italy | 3 points

selection Italy Currently in second place. To secure this position regardless of other results, you must win or draw your last match. If they lose, the Italians could drop to third or be relegated.

Albania | 1 point

Albania will close Group level vs Spain. To stay alive in the race, you need to earn three points, whether you want to finish second in the field or finish third at best. A draw would practically mean elimination and a defeat would leave them with no chance of moving forward.

Croatia 1 point

The Croatians are on the ropes Euro 2024. However, it is still in your hands classification want Round 16 To do so he must be defeated Italy In the last game Group levelOtherwise, it will sign the procedure to remove it from the competition.

Upcoming Games (June 24): Albania vs Spain And Croatia vs Italy.

Group C

England | 4 points

The Pinks are currently top of Group C but could be eliminated on the final day. England Your determination classification with a win or draw. If you lose against SloveniaYou should expect it Denmark don't hit Serbia Stay alive in the competition.

Denmark | 2 points

Denmark has classification in your hands. If hit Serbia At the last day, there will be Danes Round 16But if they tie or lose, they have to wait for the result Slovenia Or find out if it ends up among the best third parties from other sectors.

Slovenia | 2 points

Although in third place, Slovenia Not directly dependent on other teams Round 16 Because it must be defeated England Last day to qualify. If they don't get three points, they have to wait Denmark to lose Serbia Aspire to second place or one of the best third places.

Serbia | 1 point

They are currently bottom of Group C, but SerbiaWith a combination of results, if he scores, he can still go to the second step Denmark And that Slovenia Don't get three points against EnglandEven if they get three points, they can fight for one of the best third places.

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Upcoming Games (June 25): England vs Slovenia And Denmark vs Serbia.

Group D

Netherlands | 4 points

Goals should be positive Netherlands In the first case, though they add up to the same units France. The Dutch will defend their pass Round 16 with a tie against AustriaTo stay on top of the field, you have to wait for the result France vs Poland. If you lose, you will be dependent on third-party decisions to determine your future.

France | 4 points

France has a similar perspective Netherlands. Goals to ensure their path Round 16 They must be defeated Poland On the last day, otherwise they have to wait for the results of the fight between them Netherlands And AustriaAs well as other groups find out if it is one of the best third parties.

Austria 3 points

selection Austria There is a ticket Round 16 In his hands, but to do so he must defeat Netherlands On the last day. If they don't get the three points against the Dutch, they'll have to wait for the results to add up.

Poland | 0 points

Panorama Poland It got more complicated after he didn't add up in the first couple of days Group level. Now he has to win his last game — will be against France— can aspire to end up among the best third parties. A tie or failure means elimination.

Upcoming Games (June 25): Netherlands vs Austria And France vs Poland.

Group E

Romania | 3 points

By goal difference, Romania Head of Group E, a field with all four teams consisting of three units. Scoring advantage means only a draw is needed against the Romanians Slovakia to advance to Round 16Otherwise they will have to hope to move forward as one of the better third parties.

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Belgium | 3 points

for examination Belgium And only a draw against Ukraine to advance to Round 16. A defeat will complicate the outlook as they have to wait for one of the best third places.

Slovakia | 3 points

Even though all the members of the group have got three points, due to goal difference, Slovakia He must win so that he does not depend on other decisions. Draw vs Romaniamust be connected to a failure Belgium vs Ukraine And a loss would leave him on the brink of elimination, although he has the potential to be one of the best third-place finishers.

Ukraine | 3 points

Ukraine Last in Group E, but one win vs Belgium In order to progress Round 16. Due to the goal difference, in the event of a tie, they should expect to lose Romania With a difference of four goals, they should retain their desire to be second in the field, although they are also likely to struggle to be among the top third.

Upcoming Games (June 26): Slovakia vs Romania And Ukraine vs Belgium.

Group F

Portugal | 6 points

selection Portugal It is one of three teams that already have tickets Round 16 And sure to get leadership in this sector.

Turkey 3 points

In order not to depend on third parties, Turkey itself To win his last match Group level vs Czechia. In the event of a tie or failure, you must wait Georgia Do not defeat PortugalThere is also the possibility of fighting for the top third places.

Czechia | 1 point

Czechia He has the future in his hands. A win against them, despite being in third place Turkey itself will give them automatically classification want Round 16. A tie or failure means elimination.

Georgia | 1 point

The only option you have Georgia Keep winning the competition Portugal In the last fight Group level. With that success he has to wait for the results of the third party. He will be eliminated with a draw or defeat.

Upcoming Games (June 26): Georgia vs Portugal And Czechia vs Turkey itself.

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