Gonzalez Urrutia met with young Venezuelans and promised to create conditions “so they don't have to leave” the country

Gonzalez Urrutia met with young Venezuelans and promised to create conditions “so they don't have to leave” the country
González Urrutia met with a group of young people and promised them new opportunities (X: @unidadvenezuela)

Edmundo Gonzalez UrrutiaThe main candidate for the presidency of Venezuela from the opposition, on Saturday, continued his campaign across the country, this time meeting with a group of… youthsTo whom he promised a future full of initiatives and projects designed so that they would reach their full development and not have to abandon their roots and families.

“36 days before the grand final, we had an exciting meeting with young people committed to the future of the country. We will create conditions so that they can develop their talents here and not have to leave“The politician said during the event and promised this In the “New Venezuela” that begins on July 28, “all young people will have an important role to play.”.

During the meeting, González Urrutia also took the opportunity to talk to these children, listen to their concerns and respond to some of their concerns. Activist Nandi Campos stated that she did this with her colleagues “An unstoppable desire to build a better country, a Venezuela of justice and equality.”.

Mendoza emphasized that “this generation is ready for the future, for the new Venezuela” (X: @EdmundoGU)

“They believe that with Edmundo the educational system will improve, political prisoners will be released and all the young people who left will return. This generation is ready for the future, for the new Venezuelasaid Jesús Mendoza, President of the Consortium of University Centers of the Central University of Venezuela.

Before concluding the election, González Urrutia took photographs and, despite the climate of optimism, paused to ask the opposition not to fall into “victory” because there was still a lot of work to be done in the face of “the resounding victory that would be allowed.” “Reconstruction” of Venezuela.

“I invite you, with great enthusiasm, to cast your vote now Rest assured that the result will be dedicated to all of Venezuela, and this will be the victory of all of youHe urged them.

This Thursday order Nicolas Maduro He confirmed his decision He refused to send an EU monitoring mission for the elections, thus once again failing to comply with the decision Barbados Convention. The head of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoruso, attacked the bloc again and conditioned the change of position on the complete cessation of sanctions imposed on the country.

The Maduro regime once again failed to adhere to the Barbados Agreement by ratifying the refusal to send an EU observation mission to the elections scheduled for July (Reuters)

“If the sanctions and blockades against the people of Venezuela, against the sick, against students, against people of a certain age are not lifted, there will be absolutely nothing to talk about, or to believe that they can come to Venezuela.” When they despise all Venezuelans.”

at the same time, Carter Center She did not confirm sending a delegation to the country that will focus on… Evaluation of the national legal framework However, the observed processes are compared with international and regional human rights obligations and standards for democratic elections It will not conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the voting, counting and sorting processes.

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“Our commitment is to strictly adhere to these regulations to ensure objective monitoring,” said Dr. Jenny Lincoln, senior advisor at the Center for Latin America and the Caribbean, who will lead the group.

(With information from EFE)

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