Euroleague: This is how Belgrade welcomes Real Madrid: “It never sleeps”

Euroleague: This is how Belgrade welcomes Real Madrid: “It never sleeps”

Real Madrid is already in its own hideout in Belgrade. Hassle free arrival at the hotel located in the “Novi Beograd” area, about 20 minutes walk from the Stark Arena and away from the hustle and bustle of the center of the Serbian capital. Of course, there was a declaration of intent on the way. He hung from a bridge, “Don’t sleep.” It is final and in Partizan they take it that way.

hostile reception

was on the rise. Although there was no sign of discomfort in the nearby areas of the White Focus Hotel, Belgrade went up against Real Madrid. Banners against Gabe Dick and the club in general and offensive words towards the white establishment were increasing. Contrary to what Partizan’s spirit asked, Željko Obradović. “I want to talk about basketball,” he said.

First of all, a little basketball. Direct insult to the club and some of the players who have praised them on other occasions, such as Dznan Musa. It was one of WiZink’s hottest events, taking a totally unexpected hit from Kevin Punter. On the banners they demanded that he be punished.

The authors appear to be Grobari Group. A group of anti-fascist nature, named in the direct translation “undertakers” and defined as the toughest. Nothing in the game indicates that fights will occur. From the comprehensive security Euroleague protocol required and even the suite manager itself, Stark Arena confirmed that if anything happens and there is a fourth match… it will be behind closed doors.

Madrid… Quiet

Meanwhile, Madrid He arrived with a focused face, without training on Balkan soil having done so in the morning in Valdebebas And the task of getting around the tie, which reaches 0-2. Nobody did it and that’s where the difficulty of it all lies. And it is added that Partizan is ahead, the same 20,000 in the stands, and Zeljko Obradovic who has united something more than a team. To the way of feeling, including people from other countries such as the former Yugoslav republics or countries such as Lithuania. It’s the white competitor in search of an epic comeback.

With all the security measures proposed by the White Club, Real Madrid arrived safely from Nikola Tesla Airport. The same one who greeted Partizan with great thunder after the 0-2 and the fierce battle of Wiszynak. And the place where Real Madrid has already received special scrutiny. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be seen in town. His mission is completely different.

sergio lol, As one of the key players in the conflict in WiZInk by connecting Kevin Punter and Walter Tavares, They recovered because of the third game, the main names the lights claimed they had on their arrival in the Serbian capital.

Calm… Of course, during the journey from the airport to the hotel, a clear message of what a night out in Belgrade could be, for the time being, began without incident between Police surveillance and curious fans flock to the Novi Beograd area.

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