I’m tired and sad that I was so wrong

I’m tired and sad that I was so wrong

CubitaNOW write ~ Monday, May 1, 2023

Cuban journalist Julieta Osende admitted her disappointment that she lost her life believing in the project devised by Fidel Castro.

Regarding May 1, Labor Day, Ossende mentioned what that date had meant in the past. This year, the regime had to cancel the ceremony due to a lack of fuel.

“I just woke up because sleep is probably the best way to get away from this reality that overwhelms me, stuns and angers me. For 46 years I have been going through labor pains for my eldest son Javier. You could not get to the Sagrado Heart Hospital because all the roads were blocked by the crowd that bragged Revolution in the May Day Parade.

“But hey, it’s not from Javier exactly what I wanted to tell you. It’s May 1st, an honest example of how ruined my country is. May 1st was a date synonymous with joy, life and prosperity. In the good and the bad, Cubans paraded and there was always hope.” In a better future. They fought for a better future. They trusted in a better future. My friends… Hope was green and the goat ate it.”

Giulietta gave a quick summary of the crisis in the country, as the authorities were removing even a very small amount of it.

“Even the sad hen, which had scarcely reached two meals, they took it from us. From the famous ‘package’ which they sell us, which is very expensive by the way, they have already taken a bottle of oil of the two initials. Same with the kit of puppies. In the butcher’s shop, for the basic basket, they will sell Just a few eggs that don’t last a week and ground beef?, he wondered.

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“At least a quarter of a million Cubans have left. Where is their food?”

Three days ago I was in an orthopedic hospital I won’t remember and there was a man less than my age crying. They made a painting of him and a nurse was heard exclaiming in the hall: “Oh, noble sir!” Does anyone have some stucco saved?

The man is crying in pain, and there was no plaster. What Labor Day will we celebrate? “

“What this government wants,” he asked, “is that we should not eat; yet it is fatter every day, rosier, and its buttons snapping. Even how many?”.

“Among the traditional children’s stories that I like most, there is one that could include all this misjudgment. Of course they know I mean Pinocchio. Of course, in a new version because in this story the nose has continued and will continue to grow amidst a power outage, no petrol, no food, no Medication. May 1st? Please! And there is still a report on TV in which one of the leaders announced his feat that he would have distributed one bottle of oil every four months, would you have seen greater mockery?”.

“Cuba is an island and there are no fish, shrimp or lobster in it. Go to the homes of gentlemen and you will surely find them. You know what? I am so tired and sad that I was so wrong. The saddest thing is to lose a life believing in this awful Machiavellian fallacy.”

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