Parties must be treated in public in front of the Minister of Security and Justice in Cali

Parties must be treated in public in front of the Minister of Security and Justice in Cali

The authorities regulate and control public places.

The Minister for Security and Provincial Justice, Colonel (RVA) Carlos Javier Soler Parra, dismissed crowds that were, illegally, confined to the public space of downtown Cali. He announced that in coordination with the Administrative Department of the Environment Administration – Al-Daghma and the Metropolitan Police, violent interference will be made in these celebrations.

“To occupy public spaces, the permit must be processed and fulfill certain requirements of health, stability, statute, votes and a series of taxes. In the face of cases for which there is no permit, we apply all compromises and will be very vigilant with the authorities, so that what disturbs a part of the population of roadblocks, commotion, and loud noises frequently.” .Administrator.

With this organization of concerts and street parties, the authorities seek to guarantee human rights, both for the organizers and participants as well as for outside people who are not part of these circles.

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According to Article 2 of the Law on National Security and Coexistence, it is up to the state entities”Promotion in society of behaviors that favor coexistence in public places, public areas, places open to the public or those, being private, bypassing the public.

“We will try to establish a dialogue with these people, to show them that these public places have regulations; that roads and lanes have been built with public investment so that people can travel. It is not possible for illegal parties to take place in these sectors,” Soler Barra emphasized.

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The most recent event was recorded in Race 3 with lane 10Full city centre. Although there were no fights, robberies or vandalism, the space was used for street parties.

Carlos Javier Soler Parra – Minister of Security and Justice in the region

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