Even the kings are not spared! Kate Middleton with her kids lessons online

Even the kings are not spared!  Kate Middleton with her kids lessons online

Kate Middleton He shared his experiences with three English fathers Take care of your children and try to balance your personal life During the coronavirus pandemic, she revealed she was exhausted.

Prince William’s wife, mother of three children, and one present George and Charlotte At school age, he held a videoconference as part of a follow-up program at one of his boards of directors responsible for promoting mental health in high school.

While talking, the Duchess of Cambridge was interacting with a guardian and three parents who answered questions about how the past few months have been for them. In one dynamic, the moderator asked them to describe epidemic parenting and simply said it was “stressful”.

Then she explained her answer by saying that, like dozens of mothers in England, she had to assume the responsibility of educating her children, in the absence of schools, while at the same time carrying out her work.

??I know how difficult it can be to reconcile work, family life, school life, and everything in between. Middleton announced, What are you doing as parents, well done.

We have become teachers and I personally believe that I feel motivated in many directions and try to be the best in everything At the end of the day I’m exhausted??, he added.

Kate also joked that mathematics is one of her weakest areas, as she considers her degree in this field ??Minus five??. Another challenge that was something interesting for her was becoming a personal stylist for her young children. “One of the biggest horrors that my children are going through is seeing their mother cut their hair,” he confessed, laughing.

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Finally, he asked the other parents on the call not to forget about them Psychological health. Ensure that everyone takes care of themselves; It is very difficult to set priorities, he said, but it is certainly necessary now more than ever.

The Duchess also made it clear to the parents that it is imperative that they surround themselves and have someone to turn to when they are feeling overwhelmed, and that it is extremely important that a moment comes close to approaching them, even from a distance.

Being able to share your experience with others who are going through the same thing makes you feel less intimidating and less isolated. He stressed the importance of searching for our friends and loved ones ?? In her case, she agreed that her husband was “her best support in this epidemic”.


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