Municipal guards are losing space, and the URBS could be exposed to traffic and fines

Municipal guards are losing space, and the URBS could be exposed to traffic and fines

Written by Aroldo Mora

With less force and under command of the PMEP officer, the importance and powers of the guard would diminish. Greca is able to expand its good plant, after an increase in IPTU that outpaced inflation, despite the epidemic.

In the corridors of the city hall is commented, and Donna Mathilde hears very well, that the Municipal Guard of Curitiba is not as strong as the first legislature. On the contrary, he will lose all the balance that they say he “got to know at other times”.

Now he has to “swallow” the presence of a colonel in the military police under his command. This is a straight cop. But this does not hide the stark truth: Mayor Rafael Valdomero Grecia de Macedo omitted a person in the painting. And with this change, there will be something else, equal or more shocking: GMC should lose its inspection and traffic management functions in Curitiba, and return to dealing exclusively with the municipalities and squares of the city.

Details: With less power, the GMC won’t be able to ramp up the current mayor either. They say that, deep down, there may be a very “delicate” action on the part of public transport companies, which are affected – they claim – by the lack of cash from URBS. Not having a $ or questionable competency management issue?

Return to URBS

According to a former URTBS-Urbanização de Curitiba employee, there is “very strong hope and traffic” for traffic returning to that company.

Amounts received and paid as penalty will be the solution to recover URBS. In this way, the company guarantees the implementation of the employees’ salaries and increases the values ​​of the public transport companies. Everything is in law, but to what extent is it within morality?

Presence at URBS

Specifically showing the intention of this mayor was ESTAR’s return to the Urbs. The argument is that this worked for many years!

However, in all cities the task is the activity of traffic agencies.

Pointing to potential changes, a career city council official said today, 27, Mrs. Matilda:

Basically, the idea of ​​allocating fines to increase and paying wages is legitimate for the Rafael Valdomero Grecia de Macedo fines factory. True immorality. In fact, until it becomes “understood” after the election. After all, Greca is a kind of gentleman of a kind of so-called old-fashioned politician, full of stuff at the age of 65 …

For her part, the wise Mrs. Mathilde came up with this expression, as if to suit her ability to wait, confident that no damage would always last: “Nature does not jump … it just waits.”

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