Farewell to Lupe Vasquez, nurse at Doctor Candido Perez.

Farewell to Lupe Vasquez, nurse at Doctor Candido Perez.

Last Thursday night, January 22nd, it was a huge loss in the acting world after he lost one of his biggest actresses, Lupe VasquezPrevious generations will remember her as the loyal nurse ofDoctor Candido Perez“.

“Actress, comedian, composer, writer, teacher,” describes her son Fernando Kanik to the woman who dedicated her life to the world of television.

In emotional words, son Lupe Vasquez The unfortunate news released once again shakes the artistic environment. So his son told him the last words.

He left today to meet on that plane with his parents and loved ones and those feelings that drove him. Share the message on social networks.

The news of the departure of the 75-year-old comedian, remembered comedian, was confirmed last night after circulating a message through which he can see several pictures commemorating the famous TV actress in Mexico.

In the series of four pictures, it can be seen that in one of them, one of the “best improvisers on the Mexican scene” appears with her companions from the popular TV comedy series “Doctor Candido Perez”, which was aired for 7 seasons.

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In the shot, Lupe Vázquez is next to Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo (Dr. Condido Pérez), Nuria Bages (Silvina de Pérez), Alejandra Meyer (Catalina), and María Luisa Alcalá (Claudia) Georgina Marina (Perlita Pérez).

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The cast was also made up of Sarah Lopez, Gerardo del Castillo, Tony Balardi, Natasha Duperon, Guadalupe Correa, Olga Briskin, Angelica Fall, Polo Orten, Martin Pretalia, Martha Ophelia Galindo, Julio Vega and Olga Renzo.

Popular comedy show on Television It dealt with the life of a curious doctor who engages in a series of very comedic and funny situations.

Moments after the news, various messages of condolences reached the networks by some collaborators in the facility, and that was in particular. Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo Who was horrified after learning of his partner’s outcome.

“The Acting Adventure Companion”

With a great message, comedian, actor, and producer Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo fired one of those who had been one of his greatest aides.

Today, I remain my companion in theatrical, television, cinematic and nightclub adventures, the wonderful comedian, talented writer, and exceptional comedian, Lop Vasquez,

Today the 72-year-old director and writer recalled the various projects we collaborated on together:

We enjoy “Cándido Pérez”, “La casa de la Laughter”, “Until death separate us,” “White Coats Don’t Hurt”, “Don’t let the president discover”, “Candido by day and Perez by night”, plus “a specialist in women”.

Today he keeps the best memories of the wonderful time together, which made him feel great affection for the actress, which he regrets now, and expressed his support for all members of his family.

Lots of laughter, joy and shared humor! My greatest admiration for my boyfriend, companion, and best friend. To dear Kanek and Blum, my solidarity and my support. May God have mercy on her in his embrace, ”wrote Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Another message that also came from ANDI Mexico They lamented the passing of one of Mexico’s comedy gems.

ANDIMexico reported the sensitive death of translating partner Lupe Vázquez. Mexican actress, comedian and writer, she is remembered for her character “Paula” in the successful TV series Dr. Candido Perez. To his family and friends we send our condolences.

Likewise, the Televisa Espectáculos account on Twitter posted a message confirming that Jorge Ortiz de Penedo was going to release the news, in addition to that there is a video showing one of Lupe Vázquez’s scenes in one of the roles. To be dedicated in the show Nurse “Paula” in “Dr. Candido Perez”, you can watch the video Here.

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To date, the reasons for the sudden departure of the theatrical theater that devoted a part of her life to entertainment and the start of laughter in the masses are unknown. Rest in peace!

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